November 26, 2017

For gifting ideas – Pick Printoctopus

In the era of quirky items, branded swag, stand out from the crowd with the unique collection from Printoctopus.

Recently, close to the rains, I picked up this t-shirt:

Quirky isn’t it? :D Haha I totally loved it.

I happened to stumble upon PrintOctopus while searching for unique mobile cases for my iPhone, only to end up buying a t-shirt as well! The plethora of designs, unique elements, multiple colour options and variety of choices had me pick an item and ship it immediately.

What I liked additionally is that the t-shirt material is thick, strong in color and doesn’t fade after a few washes!

The holiday season is here and so is gifting in the air. Choose personalized items and surprise your loved ones.

Also, check out this amazing Girls Don't Dress Up for Boys T-shirt at PrintOctopus.

Have you shopped from Printoctopus before? Did you check out their quirky designs? Share your views with me in the comments below!

April 16, 2017

Poem – A drop in the ocean


Poem – A drop in the ocean

I am but a drop in the ocean, the one with the power to slay,
I am but a drop in the ocean, a part not everyone can play.

I am but a drop in the ocean, and there's little I can do,
I am but a drop in the ocean, one plus one makes two.

I am but a drop in the ocean, an ocean so vast,
I am but a drop in the ocean, still pretty steadfast.

I am but a drop in the ocean, but I give out my hand,
I am but a drop in the ocean, because united we stand.

I am but a drop in the ocean, so small I look frail,
I am but a drop in the ocean, yet everything I do leaves a trail.

I am but a drop in the ocean, nothing goes in vain,
I am but a drop in the ocean, when we come together as rain.

I am but a drop in the ocean, what matters the most is you,
I am but a drop in the ocean, a strength only you can pursue.

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Ocean  Picture Copyright - Pinterest

June 21, 2016

10 Unique gifts for your father, husband, brother, boyfriend


Unique occasions call for unique gifts. Confused on what to gift the man in your life? Check out these unique gifting options for the unique man in your life, be it your friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, or father. The gifts cover a large age group; scour through and purchase wisely!

1.     Coloured Socks
Yes, you got that right. Who said only women like fun socks? Men do it too. Let your man #GetSocked with quirky socks, it’s time to chuck those plain boring socks. Choose amongst colours, patterns, superheroes and much more. Have a look at a few Mustang Socks.  Tip - Try to match pairs for e.g. – purchase socks similar to your or your children’s socks so that they can be worn in pairs and matching attires.

2.     Leather Accessories
Pick unique leather wallets, belts and customized leather items to increase your man’s style quotient. Like the cool, light, durable and comfortable Valentino Leather Shoes. Choose tan or brown colours or go with the usual black.

3.     Health Accessories
Everyone goes through a trying time in their lives. Be it in their youth or in the old age, having access to useful health accessories is a boon. Have a look at Senior Shelf based out of Mumbai which has an exclusive collection full of medical products, assistive devices and much more that senior citizens or even young millennials might need.

4.     Golf Accessories

Golf is a slow yet most loved game amongst the male counterparts. Check out the Golf Range from Frazer & Haws which comprises of card holders, sherwani buttons and much more unique handcrafted items.

5.     Smart-watch
Smart watches are amongst the best IoT gadgets in market and a smart gift too. Purchase an apt coloured smart watch. Make sure you check the compatibility with their smartphone before you make your purchase.

6.     The Kits

Pamper your man with exclusive kits like the fragrance kit range from The Body Shop; unique combinations of fragrances, shaving creams, hair wash creams  or the Beard & Mooch Kit bought to you by Ustraa. Available in kits and al-a-carte mode at Happily Unmarried, choose a fragrance and be ready to be charmed.

7.     Comics & Merchandise
Surprise your man with his favourite comics or superhero merchandise and see the wide smile lighten up their face. Tshirts, keychains, books, socks, bags or wallets are the usual options. Zoom in to Planet Superheroes for exclusive merchandise at great prizes.

8.     Plan an adventure
Plan an adventure that was on his mind since long or simply plan a leisure trip. Secretly book your tickets & bags; apply for leaves and surprise with an off-we-go style. Make sure you pack health kits, accessories, toiletries, shoes and comfort clothes

9.     Fitness Bands
What’s better than a fitness band for your fitness freak man! Choose from a wide range of fitbits, Mi Bands, and Jawbone Up.

10.Power Banks
All of us today have smartphones and we know how mean a low battery can be! Get a unique power bank suitable for most smartphones and tablets. To add a personal touch, customize a cover for the power bank and voila your gift is ready.

So what are you gifting? Or what unique gifts do you like? Share your views in comments below.


May 17, 2016

Transitions - The good, bad and ugly

Being a partial perfectionist, I always fancied petite arrangements, complete planning and controlled execution. But life does not tread through the path that you carved.

From February 2016 to April 2016 I took a sabbatical on my writing side as the marital bells rang and I got hitched to a loving spouse.

Sounds sweet no? hehe but that's not all. Enter - Life's games aka a personal version of GOT

While the event was merry and things went gung-ho; the situations, the fast paced decisions, decorations, preparations, opinions of a 1000 people (where some of them are almost non existent in life otherwise), moving to a new city, wedding events, resigning the job you slogged for (just before the appraisal season:/), leaving family, friends, the stray cat pet, your 10k digital photos on your home pc, bad health, scorching heat (and somehow I always wanted a summer wedding damn), that cuddly corner of your sofa, facing a death in family, sigh - You name it and I had it!

Transitions are never easy. It's time and presence of mind that helps you stay on track.

Life's never too slow. Time is precious. There might be things you have left undone, unsaid, or thought to do later. You do not know what time has in store for you or for your loved one. Do your thing now, like right now!

I am back to my writing, stay tuned for the saucy stories/fiction/poems & reviews!

Have fun!


February 3, 2016

Turn Good Mornings into Gold Mornings with #Colgate360GoldMornings


Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold - #Colgate360GoldMornings

 What comes to your mind when I say morning? Chaos, cleanliness, fitness, chores, hygiene

What if I said you could turn your good morning to a gold morning?

Wake up to Gold Morning with Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold

Here’s my mantra to a Gold Morning:

Hygiene and cleanliness comes foremost to brighten your mornings and that’s where Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush comes into picture.

It’s just a toothbrush right?
It’s not just another toothbrush. With the base of elegance and royalty, the gold colored toothbrush comes with a combination of charcoal infused spiral bristles and gold colored anti-germ bristles. The anti-germ bristles avoid germ growth on the toothbrush. The soft slim tip bristles bring detailed cleaning along the gum lines and between the teeth. The textured cushion lends a sturdy grip.

 What’s 360?
The toothbrush is not just focused on teeth. Armed with a tongue cleaner; the toothbrush helps achieve 360 cleanliness i.e. teeth, tongue, cheeks & gums

My Experience
The toothbrush is indeed soft & slender, glides quickly along the gum line and cleans well. The bristles don’t go flat on the teeth like the usual soft bristled brushes do. And no there’s no taste of charcoal as you might think. The design is quite intricate and looks classy. It’s amusing how a toothbrush can be made to look this amazing. More like a piece of art. Priced at Rs.89 the brush is not amongst the expensive range.

Here’s a visual comparison with Oral B Zigzag, Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal & 360 Charcoal Gold:

While both the toothbrushes in the charcoal range have slimmer bristles, “360 charcoal gold” wins my vote for the complete cleanliness, grip & hygiene factor.

Have you used the brush? Share your experience