December 19, 2010


A cuppycake asked me to type about RELATIONSHIPS!!!
Relation could be a friendly one,a lifetime one, a partner one,or an enemy one!!!
Here's my take on the guy-girl i.e. the partner kind of relationships!!!

Relation,being an emotinal person,I take every relation as my own to my heart,where in even my enemy has a valid REGISTRATION !!!

One part of your life which you will never get back is your -TIME.
You aint gonna get your time back,so its serious,its a part of you that is being involved in the relation and this explains why things get touchy,mushy and it hurts when a relation breaks.

A relation deals with temperament of various consraints which includes time,effort and price in terms of love.There's so much at stake,still people make fun of it!!!
Treating any relation as a joke is 1 of the worst things your inner devil can do!!!

Ok that's a good grin!!!

Key factors aiding as well as spoiling a relation,many to name but here are a few:

Lust is a craving for pleasure where the pleasure ranges from a simple look/glance, a smile- to gettin physical! Done for satisfaction.A lil lust is surely needed,to keep the warmth and essence but excess is a complete TURN OFF!!!!(NOT APPLICABLE to some people coz they are in a relation just for EXCESS lust!).

After spending a good deal of time and effort,if you still do not know your partner's fav music,fav lunch,color,wads brings the smile on his/her face,wad action of yours does it make them hug you,
wad is it that makes dem sad/cry,wad gets them furious, get the HINT,you dont understand your partner!!MOVE ON...& let go!!
Its way better than separating due to misunderstandings. And if you both are geniune,never,never ever let misunderstandings and 3rd parties creep between you.Keep your rappo together.

A desire to dominate on the other person causes possesiveness.It is more like an urge to show power,for pleasure,to curb insecurity, or due to peer pressure. Its kinda strange coz possesivenss can drive a person upto crazy limits. (Fatal limits!!). A lil bit of jealousy is ESSENTIAL obvious to keep the fire burning and it shows how much the opposite sex admires and cares bout you. But again, the extra-possesive partner tends to get more insecure and the other one feels trapped up!! Thus over possessiveness leads unto ultimate separation,come on,every one needs space!!

Space comes bundled in with possesiveness...whew!!! both are part of ONE package!!!
This fact is usually ignored,but is of utmost importance after all your giving your time to this relation its obviously important dude!!!Every1 likes to do things acc to their own will..freedom...etc etc...thus respecting your partner's privacy is very important. If they dont wanna give you their passwords,be cool, big deal!!!getting frustrated will only spoil your mood and will reduce your trust!

Omg,sounds so damn heavy and yes it is!
Relying on another person,looking into each others eyes...ok enough visualization..^_^.
Trust is dependent on many co-factors.Breaking trust is equal to breaking your own relation.
you put our time,your effort,why do you wanna break it through mistrust,Stupid!

Jealousy,Envy Pride all come together in this.
that burning tinge you get when your loved one is with an another person (be it of any sex),and is not giving you that lil bit of attention,...hehe
Again a lil bit of jealousy is okie dokie...but not excess!!!it drives the other person mad!!
Jealousy is also bundled in the same package as SPACE and POSSESIVNESS. Thus,almost same qualities apply here as well.

7.Emotional Compatibilty:
This comes a lil late in a cordial realtionship.Emotional compatibilty does NOT MEAN EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAR...(hahah funny!!!?????).
It means how much do you both know each other emotionally,wads breaks down your partner and you,what shud you do in such a case,wad gets you and keeps you close,tied with each other.It comes with identifying and removing a solution to your emotional weak point,your partner's weak point and your joint weak point!!

8.Sense of Humour: You are obviously not going to sit numb,mum with your partner!
He/She is a part of you! you are gonna share the best and worst,and you shud know what gets your partner in spilts and rofl!!!Its but obvious that you both shud be able to get the other rofl!!!
come on!!! ^_^

So what do you think??
Arent they

what is the priority amongst,
well i cudnt figure out exactly but i think TRUST takes it all.
Kinda weird,but these are all points I could get in my head at an instant,
If you thinnk I missed out any,please metnion in your comments!
and lemme know your take on this!


  1. Over-Possessiveness may end up ur relation....agree. Good write-up, content...keep it up.

  2. I would suggest to include Time....specially, how to spend precise time with loved one.

  3. You seem to have lot of experience... :P

  4. Hi Sherna Jay(?) :)

    Ahh, a post delving into the relationship territory and explanations. Quite plausible, I agree to the definitions you've stated here.

    I echo the thoughts of the above individual, you seem to have gone through these cycles before. is it so? :) :)

    Loved this post :)


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  5. Comprehensive package this, I must say, and a perfect one to a healthy and a long lasting relationship. I think you covered it all, great job! :)

  6. @Maddy @Arti: Thank you, thanks a lot

    @PG,@Jay: Ahahah, actually there was a time when i was a mediator between guys and girls who were involved in relationships. As i was quite practical and "SULJHI HUI" thats why i was able to collect these basic points. I learned from their mistakes and corrections. All thanks to those who shared their sorrows & joys with me.


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