March 30, 2011

~~ : Y GaLs LyK GuYs : ~~

                                     ----from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

1. They always wear ur favorite cologne 

         (which happens to be tha one that u bought them for their bday)

2. The way they run their fingers through your hair

3. That look they give you that makes you just want to die right then and there


4. The way they
kiss away your tears

5. The way they get mad when they can't make your problem go away

6. The way they show off around their friends to get your attention

7. The way they make it their personal mission to make sure you are never cold.

8. That confused look they get on their faces when ur mad at them.. guarenteed to make ur heart melt and anger fade away

9. The way they let you win any game u play together !!!

10. ...and when u point this out to them they pretend not to know what ur talking about (lol)

That smile they flash that can make ur stomach drop to ur feet ^_^

12. The way they call to apologize after you had a big fight

13. The way they touch and hold u so gently, as if they're afraid theyll break you

14. The way they say "
i love you"

15. The way they would die before saying "
i love you" in front of their friends


16. The way they kiss you

17. The way they
kiss u after making up from a fight

18. The way they hold you when you are crying

19. The way they think they're ur big protector

*and the look they give to sum1 who stares at us...which says..DUDE She's taken!!!*

20. The way they say "i miss you" even though they hate to admit it

21. The way u miss everything about them when they're gone

The way they comfort you when u had a bad day

23. The way they write love letters even if they think its uncool

                *wich is a luvly treasure !!*

24. The way they Hug You...
               *which makes yu feel like nothin can be better than this!!!*

25. The way they hug you when you CRY

26. The way they look at you, and when you ask they reply... "what, cant i even look at you like this ??"

27. The way they find the right position to place their heads on your lap or shoulder.

28. The way they dont let you go when you go to meet them.

29. The way they silently listen to you, when close.

30. The way they walk hand in hand

Luvly...isnt it...:)...!!!!
i wonder wads my guy doing??
Sleeping...Futballing..playin sum oder sport...
Flirting ..!!! *giggles*
FaCeBoOkin !!!
Wad do ya think>>>????


  1. Really Nice Meow :) :) :) Nice that yuo shared it... :) :)

  2. Thanks Abhi..:)
    Yes this piece is really wonderful..^_^

  3. hahahaha... nice post... You've definitely got a good sense of humour in your sentences(Even if you don't intend to!)... Keep the flow of words ON!..



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