June 12, 2011

Fake Freaky-ness for FooTBaLL


GUYS excuse me!!!!
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I’m aware that a lot of men like sports.
No, strike that. They <3 love <3 them. 
They eat, breathe, and live sports.
And its a surprise to see fathers,uncles,brothers and friends hoot and holler at the television.They would hole up on the couch and dominate the television set for hours on end. 
I adore my father and brothers and all other guys. I still do but the way they have a makeover for one single game ...... !!!! I am short of words!!! whew!!

Ok,I am a girl,
I like football, the sport basically, it exhibhits energy,stamina,complete and combined teamwork, continuous attention for around 2hrs(including the game and extra portions) and yea I agree that its better than cricket in many terms.
And oh yea, certain guys are cute and oh yea some play really cool, its superb fun to watch them play.

I’ve even tried to learn about football lot of times. Seriously.I’ve tried books, websites, ESPN… you name it. They are always filled with so much technical jargon, I need a book to decipher the book I’m reading. I get frustrated and bored because they are all written by some know-it-all that talks way over your head.

What is  FOOTBALL for a GUY ???

Answers....For most of them its just not a game,here's what they call it:
(Collectively these are the TOP 5)
--1. Life
--2. Passion
--3. Dream
--4. Glory
--5. Favorite Passtime
...... and much more.
(top 5 statistics collected from maximum MALE inputs)

life,passion,-you simply like it admit that you like it, why do you have to continously swear that  you love it??

dream-ok you follow your passion as your dream that's understood
glory- whaaa?? come again ????
favorite passtime- damn you lilke it, you are bound to do it na !!!
emotion- if you like sumthing obviously you will care for it and be emotional for it big deal!!!
determination- duh?? obvious you are passionate about it thats why your are determined for it

The teams ?? Arsenal,Italy,ManU, Spain,Barcelona,Chelsea,France,Mexico,....you name it and they are there. And the way rivals screw them(the name i.e.) ahahahahahah too good best example would be
CHELSEA = chelSHIT !! lol
and oh there's a division for the teams as well...normal teams,EPL(called english premier league) teams..La Liga (wonder what it is!!) teams...and m like duh!!!!!

Did i forget the SLOGANS ??? oh my god..."glory glory man utd"...and all the things evrywhere continously makes any individual mad.

favorite players...

Toress , Gerrard , Messi , Gareth Bale , Nasri , Ronaldo , Forlan , Honda , Rooney ,Ryan Giggs , Kuyt ,Fabregas,.....!!!
If you ask this question even by mistake, either you are too bored, have nothing to talk to or have cotton in your ears for sure coz the list is endless !!!

How do sports fanatics pick who they want to be a "fan" of? All the teams are the same other than how much they win. They all
just do the same old thing and pass and throw balls around at each other.

and if there is a GAME tonight...the dialogues you get are awesome....beyond imagination

--"oh, today, no way i cant come, its the game tonight !!"
--"baby how can you even think of me missing the game??"
--if you sit with them in a game "girls dont like it??why are you here?" or "oh do you love football??"
they directly ask "love" not "like" and then post that question you are invisible.
--and if you say you support a rival team
"they suck!"
How can root for them? I don’t understand why you aren’t astounded by ***his fav team's name*** prowess.OR
"You always hate the best team in the league"

why cant it just be a game..why do you hv your life on it???
its just a ball and you just push it around they way you want it to go!!!
or in other words:
its all about kicking a ball and running around like a jerk
Ok,this might be or maybe is One thing why people go gaga over this game.
As it gives the power to the person when he/she is in control of the ball and they can take it wherever they want to and do whatever they wish to.
But people who only watch football are losers because its like high school kids watching things they are restricted to...you watch someone else doing it because you cant do it or coz you didnt get the oppurtnity.

Something which guaranteed makes me cringe is when people say shit like this: "Dude, we are going to dominate The GUNNERS tomorrow!" We? I wasn't aware you played professional football. Last time I checked, you were a junior in college with 20 teeth,continuosly facebooking every hour.Everyone who says "we" when referring to a sports team should recieve 40 lashes.

People do this because it makes them feel like the team's success is their own.

News flash: it isn't. You aren't on the team. You never have been and you never will be. The only thing you've ever done for the team is wear their logo and buy the products they endorse because you are an impressionable idiot. Unless you play for the team or go to the school, there is no reason to use a first-person nomnative pronoun. You have no affiliation with them besides your pitiful idolatry.(idolatry means: blind or excessive devotion to something. )

Okay, not all sports are bad. I guess I wish it was all just a game as much as everyone claims they are. 
What irritates me is that---
1.  People will push their children into sports and expect the best from them. 
2.  It angers me that husbands ignore wives to watch a grown sweaty man wrestle in  his underwear with another grown sweaty man. 
3.  It makes me want to scream when people will spend close to $100 to see a game that is more easily seen for free at home.

Its a game, keep it a game, nothing else.Enjoy the spirit of it. Enjoy its essence. Dont create an imaginary mess out of it.

Nothing is better than you actually experiencing the fun.

I also firmly believe that coke, popcorn and beer and sports go hand in hand because without the them, people wouldn’t be relaxed enough to sit through a whole game without wanting to scream of boredom. 
So grab them and enjoy the match for its true spirit not for anything else ;)


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