November 20, 2011


A random second in time:
                             tic the humble sound of my sandals on the carpet,as i strolled towards my desk from the coffee room and
                             *sudden pause*
                             I TRIPPED
next second:
                            "Oh!!!" exclaimed Rishi,my colleague
next-to-next second
                            ":( mmmm" I made a sad face,

Realization dawned, Aaaaarrrgh i just tripped on my favorite pair of sandals!!!
and the FACT is i CANNOT REPAIR IT!!!
*wears a frown*
RIP my loveeely sandals
A second ago it was fine and now, its two-piece; completely apart.I remove it in a corner shrugging my shoulders and i realize FACT# 2
FREAK, its just 10:30 am and i have to be BAREFOOT the whole damn day !
DAMn !
AwKwaRd !
WEirD !
Lucky me, the whole office premises has soft carpet and its cleaned almost every day.
PeAcE !
But, its a good 4.5 minute walk to reach the EXIT gate from office.
Oh no!
Oh dear ! i pout,and place head on my table.
No option,and i start working again normally. Its just after some time when i walk again to the coffee room for a glass of water,i feel SIMPLE,all of sudden,simply simple! I wonder why and i look down to my feet! My feet,on the carpet, no sound, no dirt,my toes are free,and yet i feel connected.
StRanGe !
According to the TOI dtd 20/11/2011(whoa what a date!), Barefoot running/walking is considered safer.
With doctors,athletes,trainers & fitness freaks suggesting people to go barefoot as it leads to fewer injuries than running in sneakers.Shoes/Sneakers today come in extra cushioning which do provide a soft feel but alter the natural running technique. Human body is already equipped for running bare why go the other round then ?

The whole day,walks to the canteen in the basement,walks to my friends cubicle,walks to coffee room, all ,BAREFOOT! Indians are also known to be closely associated with Mother earth.
I felt connected, all the way to the base.It brought out genuineness in my deeds and work.It somehow offered a peaceful cool approach towards my whole day ahead. Very calm and composed and hey I liked it...^_^!!!
Felt no pride,
in my stride,
head held high but nothing evil,
no worries about tripping again.
After office,couldn't avoid the EXIT GATE walk, Lucky me have a clean and FREE from encroachment footpath (Yes, i live in INDIA,where even the tiniest part of footpath is encroached upon) afterall my office is in a Special economic zone.
Had no worries of my feet slipping thru my sandals,
no worries of tripping,
no twisting of ankles,
no binding of toes purposely due to the footwear bands/style,
no conjusted toes,
all toes,skin free to breathe.
HaPpY !
Simplicity was what this incident taught me and now I would go one dedicated day a month,Barefoot !


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