July 7, 2012



My latest piece, its more like a song, Enjoy, Happy Monsoon!
Don’t wanna eat, not a bite; wanna stay up, and fight
“Huh, what’s going on?”
Can’t just stand upright; Gathers heart in sight
“Hey, baby come on!”
Why should I smile? Why be agile, when everyone steps on me, why should I abide?

I am broken, just broken
Why does it have to be me?
I am broken, still broken,
And tired of “try me”

Why is the world so sly? Cuts your wings when you fly, purposely, make me say ’forgive me’, why sorry, should I always be!
Things gone wrong, so give me a fright; thus expecting me to set stuff alright,
You throw a fit, and I am the one hit; “Argh! Am I not alive?”

I am broken, just broken
Nothing just passes by,
I am broken, still broken,
No, I am not gonna cry

Don’t wanna say a word; Coz you cut it like a sword
“Duh! Am I not right?”
Can’t even wave a goodbye; just sit back and wonder why,
“Did you even say a ‘hi’?”

No I won’t give up, to the losers yup, my journey is to the stars above,
Things ain't over yet,
Yes it’s in my cup, I am gonna take it up
and give it my best

I am broken, just broken
Yes I am gonna be alright,
I am broken, still broken,
And I am gonna shine bright


  1. Joel D'SouzaJul 7, 2012, 11:03:00 PM

    Have u put this down with experience?

  2. -- Thank you everyone
    -- Joel: Personal, Professional, and few sections through colleagues and friends


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