August 19, 2012

The Legend Ends

Date: 24/7/2012
Characters: Shanaya & Mohit
Shanaya narrates.

Storming into my chair I wondered, how does everyone get my name wrong?
I am not SA-naya, or SAA-NAYA, it’s just Shanaya, can't they just get it right?
*Mohit passes by, papers in hand
Whoa whoa, what he is doing so early here, its way before his normal office hours! Well even though we have rarely talked I really do like him. Ka-ching!!!Ok ya, we have NEVER talked, we have shared COUNTABLE words. Here’s the count:

The HR had held a competition and being an Art Fan he had the most exquisite desk for sure. Art work on his whiteboard, desk, Cool batman desktop wallpaper & et all. So I left him a post-it note saying "Impressive"
*Near water-cooler
Me: Hey, you won the prize for "Most Creative Desk" right?
Him: You wrote "Impressive"?
Me: Yup, it was really good
Him: Thanks a lot *big smile

*His Birthday
Me: <ping> Happy Birthday: P
Him: <ping> Thank you :-)

Conclusion: 25 words till date.

Batman Begins:
Tall. Dark. Handsome.       = Appropriate
Well yeah, he is definitely cool amongst many in my office. I have always liked the way he kept his desk. Being a guy maintaining a clean desk is a herculean task. He had the perfectly uncluttered and manicured desk. Neat drawings showcased his talent. An Attitude-coffee mug and his GIANT Smartphone; that was all on his desk. Always.

The Dark Knight:
He became my caped-crusader after he gave me that wonderful-slightly-shy smile at the water cooler. Man he is awesome. He had this charm around him. His voice seemed gifted, melodious yet manly. And the way he wove his words, I wondered whether Oxford Dictionary had few inputs by him.
Gosh, and Am I working so seriously here from 16 months?? I should pace up and maybe ask him about The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises:
<Evening time, when I was checking my to-do list>
Task A, B, C done, yeah baby, Seeing Mohit early morning is damn lucky *giggles
<In my mind> Wow someone's got my name pretty purrr-fect, wait is that him?
I turn my head to the right and he glides through
Him:"I am leaving"
<In my mind> WHAT? WHY? TODAY? My crush on you doesn't deserve an end like this!
*stretching right hand out
Me: "All the best, take care"
Him: "Thaaanks"
He looked at me straight in the eyes, with his dashing smile, and a firm handshake and left. My eyes were still sort-of glued on Mohit.
<Phone rings: My bestie Kay on the line>
Her:"The Legend ends"
Me:<In my mind> Wtf! How did she come to know!!! "Since when did you become psychic?" I asked amazed.
Her:" I am talking about Dark Knight Rises, what's up in your head Lady?"
Mohit took my heart with him, just like his name, obvious I was heartbroken.
Me:" Nothing, lets catch tonight's show"
Her: "Wokay, 8pm it is"

24/7 my Legend ended, well the Movie was pretty good though and my bestie giggled so hard she almost threw the popcorn. Is a new Batman coming??


  1. Lol.. good stuff...
    Wonder how I missed this one... and that too when its from August? You should write more...
    Recommending my school teacher to this blog though, one more fan in your kitty :)
    And I pray I get the patience to start a blog too, many pestering; but being Garfield's avatar, there is very less hope :/


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