December 1, 2012

Pink Magic Wand


Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a pretty princess with a pink magic wand.
The princess was a beauty from top to toe; her wits and tact were envied by foe.
While fighting monsters alone in a memory faint, the young princess met an old saint.
"My dear princess here's a magic wand, while casting a spell it must touch your hand,
Never cast wicked or evil spells, or in thou land the spell will dwell,
Remember that when you marry, this magic wand you must not carry,
This magic wand belongs over here; if you carry it will disappear!"
In his mind the holy saint said, "My dear princess I am sorry instead,
The wand is cursed and will soon test you, and you must pass this test true,
Right now all the things i can pray, is that the wand never leads you astray"
Poof went the monsters on the touch of the wand, the princess always kept it in hand.
In the princess’s land the abundance grew, all evil away, the news just flew.
The mighty and small all flocked to the land, all because of the pink magic wand.
In the wand the princess held her pride; little did she know what the saint had to hide.
When a charming prince came out of the blue, people said the cupid flew.
Before getting hitched the princess wished, and being a lovely man the prince obliged.
"Oh my dear, my pink magic wand won't be with us as it belongs to this land”
The amused prince then replied, "My lady, your wish I do abide,
But to cast a spell it needs your trace, else only emptiness it will embrace"
The confused princess searched the saint, His face she knew yet rather quaint.
After all her efforts she found the saint at last, the saint said "Ah, you have come fast!"
The amazed princess then replied, "Oh holy saint just why can't I, carry this wand, i must try!"
"Nay princess you just can't do that, I am forbidden to say all this in a chat"
"Oh holy saint you don’t love me true, you cast me away like an evening hue.
For you gave me this wand and the suffering too, Now you have to get me out of this blue."
"Well" said the saint with a fiery look, "Don’t leave the land" as he turned a book.
"My wise princess you have to decide, will you stay back or be the bride."
This filled the prince's heart with grief dark, "My lady" he said "you have to choose a path
It’s either me or the wand you choose but you are one thing i never want to lose"
The smart princess just humbly smiled, and then she got her courage piled,
She raised her hand and in her voice fine, she murmured words and the wand shined.
"Wake up dear, let’s have butter and bread “stood the princess beside the prince's bed.
"My dear lady did you ever have a wand? Please tell me" he held her hand.
She said"My dear love, I think you had a dream, I rushed upstairs as i heard you scream"
Only the princess and the saint knew the truth, she wished
"Oh my dear wand, this is my land,
Here now I cast my spell, may i lead a blissful life till my times up as well. 
This is the end of our journey,take away all thee memories,
Now I ask thee to disappear far away, thank you for never leading me astray"


  1. Nice! You certainly managed to combine poetry and prose effectively to tell the story :)

    I was hoping the dilemma would be solved by the prince choosing to remain in the princess's land instead of the princess leaving hers!

    1. Thanks a lot Mixi :)
      I was thinking of the same but then it becomes a common plot. So i changed it :)

  2. Ramzuis,PG,Nandini:
    Thank you very much guys


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