January 13, 2013

Not your Juliet. Really?


PC >> On
Eyes >> Sleepy
Browser >> Opened
Email >> Loading
Coffee >> Sipped
Email >> Logged in
Body >> FREEZE
What the...#Cuss1

2nd Email's Subject:"To the <3ly lady reading this right now."
Me:"I don't even have a boyfriend, whodunnit??AHHHH!! Damn yea!!! It could be a marketing gimmick, to make women open the email. Boo-yah! But hey that's..."
Sender Name: Your Romeo
Sender email:tomyladylove@mail.com
Me:"Duh, That’s cheesy you coward!" *clicks on email

"Hey Love,
I know you might have dragged your pretty eyes, just to read this email; you might have had a tiring day fighting odds at work.
Let me tell you I truly, wholly appreciate your effort my darling. Had I been there, I would have loved to let you wrestle with me as I wrapped my arms around you"

Me:Jesus Christ, Just who is this?

"You know love, I have been missing you just too much like 2...3...4...5 till countless. It seems as if ages have passed without seeing you my Love."

Me:Is he a phobic?

"Your messy hair strands, and caring hands; how perfect on my shoulders, do they land."

Me:Kab? Kahan? Kaise? (When? Where? How?)

"Your rosy lips, and curvy hips; Your voluptuous legs, Oh mercy I beg."

Me:What the...#Cuss2

"Your dimple chin, and eyebrows thin; Your million $ smile, Makes all hearts pile."

Me:How on earth does he know about my dimples? Sh#t #Cuss3 Who is this?

"Your graceful walk, and charming talk; your melodious voice, Makes me rejoice"

Me:Good Lord, I still do not have a clue.

"Gazing your hazel eyes, All my worries fly; My love for you, is always on rise."

Me:Haah!! Gotcha! My eyes are brown! *Evil Laugh

"Miss you tons my sweet baby doll"

Me:Baby doll? LOL ROFL*

"Oh how I miss seeing you laugh"

Me:Sh#t #Cuss4

"My dear love, I miss you dearly. Please honey bunny, do mail me back when you read.

I Love you.
I really do.
Your Romeo"

Me:Conclusion >> He is a HUMAN ANATOMY Student
He mentioned all body parts. Precisely. Ha ha either ways, He is sweet and has made quite an effort. It’s so nice to have someone caring for you. Maybe the girl should know about it. The email doesn't seem to be written out of lust. And maybe I could enroll him into SMME,  that would be a perfect surprise for the lady. I should reply back to let Romeo know about his rather goofy mistake.

"Hey Romeo,

I guess you have mistyped the email address.
I do not have hazel eyes.
But yes, after reading you email, I would like to let you know, I could handwrite your email and Snail Mail it to the recipient.
Nothing beats a handwritten letter.
Do think about it.

Not your Juliet"

<PING><Your Romeo invites you for a chat>
Christ, He certainly is a smart a$$.
Your Romeo:"Hey, Not My Juliet, is it so?"
Your Romeo:"Humble apologies for the goof-up, I would like to know about your idea. I am interested. But I have a weird request, May I address you as MyLove during this conversation?"

Me:*in my mind DAFAQ..#Cuss5

Your Romeo:"After all, you are doing something wonderful for me, and I Love you for that"
Me:"Umm...ok…one condition, we do not talk after the work is over"
Your Romeo:"Sure, My Love"
Me:"SMME - Snail Mail My Email is a worldwide wide collaborative art project where in the sender emails the content of the letter to an SMME volunteer along with the letter recipient’s valid mail address. The volunteer adds creativity to the letter and Snail Mails it on behalf of the sender. The volunteer remains anonymous. I am an SMME volunteer, if you give me an opportunity, I would like to create this letter and mail it for you"

Your Romeo:"That sounds beautiful My Love. But one more request. Could you create the letter and email me a picture? I would like to send out the work personally. My Love."
Me:"Umm...ok…no issues. I shall email you as soon as I am done."

Your Romeo:"Thank you My Love. Adios!"
<PING><Your Romeo is offline>

*2 hrs later
A beautiful letter with a cute couple doodle, hearts and flowers, good choice of colors et all. Yay finally I shall get rid of him.

"Hey Romeo,

I have completed the letter and mailed it to you. All the best.

Not your Juliet"

*2 mins later
<PING><Your Romeo is online>
Your Romeo:"Hey Love"
Me:Whoa? Was he awake all this time? It’s already 2 AM. Anatomy psycho.

Your Romeo:"The letter is just awesome. It perfectly captures my emotions. I am mailing it tomorrow. Thank you My Love. You are simply perfect MyLove"
Me:MyLove. MY FOOT
"Romeo, You are welcome. As per our pact, I am removing you from my contact list. Goodbye"

Your Romeo:"No goodbyes in my dictionary My Love. Once Again, Thank you. My Love."
Me:" :) "

Gosh finally, what a crazy Love freak he was.
Saturday, here I come to thee.

*Next day Morning 11:00am

Woohoo a new day, a new letter, a new weekend. I do envy Juliet though. Someone loves her with the bottom of their heart. I wonder who is she, how is she, in which part of the world is she. Wherever she is, May she get the letter soon.

*Wednesday, back home from work

LandLord:"Hello Child"
Me:"Hello Maam, how are you?"
LandLord:"I am fine child; you had a tiring day didn't you? Look at you, you look so starved!!"
Me :< sweet grin>"Well, my office loves me dearly"
LandLord:"Hahaha, well catch some sleep but do read the letter you received. Good night"
Me:"Sure, Thankies, Good Night"

Letter? For Me? Mom? Naah we just talked on phone. Dad? Naah he loves talking rather than writing. Sis? Never.
Eyes >> One eye open
*tears side of envelope
Body >> FREEZE

<Letter Content>

My Love,

Sorry Love, I wrote your eye color wrong on purpose. As I knew you would reply to it instantly.
Crazy? yes I am.For you MyLove.I love you My Love.
Sending you my feelings just the way you like it.

I love you.
Your Romeo

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  1. hahaha :D awesome :) loved it :) the creativity was superb :)

  2. LOL nice cheeky attempt by the guy...:) great post!

  3. Haha Loved it :) Ok, Confession: Romeo does sound cute :) Except for the 'MyLove' part he sounds adorable :D

  4. Now I am fully awake and i gaaat it atlast...
    Anywayz Tharki Romeo.. RIP!! :D :D :D

  5. Beautiful!! You have managed to keep us guessing how the heck did he snail mail it to her???! :D

    Do visit my post "Oblivion"! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

  6. Thank you everyone ..:D
    I humbly and truly appreciate your replies...Keep Reading!!

  7. WoW.. started with curiosity, i was with big smiles through out.. interesting piece of work. :-)

  8. Unique gripping tale. Enjoyed every bit.

  9. I was so hooked on to this tale.. that when I reached the end.. I was like #cuss6 - #cuss100.. Another one of those great false endings almost like a movie with a TWIST.. too good

  10. Haha!That Romeo guy is so adorable and creepy at the same time :P
    Enjoyed it! :D

  11. Pretty smart Romeo. The way you have written was beautiful.

    i am a newbie to blogger, started with a short story. if you have time check it.

  12. This is pretty good!! Kept the suspense going till the very end. Nice little story, you could write a sequel too!!


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