February 3, 2013

Parallel Universe

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“Aaaarrggggghhhh!!” She screamed. She almost screamed her lungs out as she sprinted as fast as she could, down the once posh McNeil Street. The monster was slow but used his skills to flip fast through the railings and the pile of cars. “Hhrrrggrrrowwr” growled the yuck looking monster. Every time Kia turned around, she felt he was getting closer. “Please somebody help me!” A black & white flashback ran across her mind.
She stormed by the coffee bay grabbing her daily munchies.  Dressed in a slate blazer, her brown hair tied up in a neat bun, bag in tow she hoped to reach the metro station on time. It was peak time; the footpath was in a blanket of office goers. The sound of formal shoes, light hello’s and ringtones filled the air. Kia felt the sunlight blind her, she raised her hand in front of her eyes and texted her colleague about the schedule.  She felt a light warm breeze tease her ears and she wondered “Breeze, here?” She glanced away from her cell phone and she was stunned.
The warm breeze was a car on fire. What was a busy street had suddenly turned eerily silent. She heard a distant roar; it seemed more like the dinosaur’s voice in the movies. She didn’t bother. She was busy scouting a human in sight. “Hello, any one there?” Her heartbeats raced. She looked around, she recognized the buildings, they were the same as her daily walking route, assuring her that she hadn’t lost her way but – some buildings were blazing fire on top, some looked old and broken and some looked like they had just been bombed. “They weren’t like this, what happened?” she muttered.  “Bang, Bang, Boom!” Gunshots, Bombs changed the scene. Every other thing in sight was on fire.
Next instant she saw a fire hydrant .She kicked it, as if it were her only goal, her only chance!  Water gushed out straight at the monster. Bang on. He was thrown away a few feet. She raced across the street, crazy monsters were destroying everything. Who were they? Where did they come from? And what on earth are they? The long-haired, almond- eyed monster, just like from the movie “PREDATORS”, wasn’t up for loosing yet. The gushing water lost its speed. He got up. He roared, loud. Louder. Louder than ever.  He locked his target. He had to get her. A car exploded behind Kia. She fell down with the impact.
Kia knew there wasn’t much time left. He was a monster, he could get her any time, she picked up a rod. “Ouch!” Something pricked her hand. A snake-like thing started sucking her blood. “Gaah, get away from me!” She caught his tail and threw him away. A dozen of the snake-like things started crawling towards her. “eey, eey, eey” they echoed. She didn’t have the time to waste. She jumped back on her feet and turned around to see the monster tear through the smoke. He was up on his feet, coming at her.
“My good Lord, SAVE ME!” yelled Kia.

Some mist blocked her vision. She took a sharp left. The eey’s kept following. It seemed as if they were catching speed, and leading them was the monster. The mist cleared away and 50 feet ahead, there was a wall, a dead end. Something was glowing right in front of the wall. A light yellow circle as big as a Zorb it seemed as it was shining more and more by every step Kia took. She had felt the same light, few minutes ago, while walking through the street. “I’d rather fight these things than give up”. Bubbles started coming out of the circle, Kia knew she had to dash through this thing. Bouncy bubbles as strong as snowflakes were rapidly coming out of the circle. The circle lit up like the sun and the light blinded the monsters. Kia ran across the circle,
 She turned her back to the wall and then there were none.

*ZOOP* closed the portal.
She was breathing heavily, rod in hand, she was facing a blank wall. She turned around to see the same wall she had turned her back on.
“Was it fake? Is someone playing with me?”
She checked her hand to see the prick marks. The wound fresh and the marks were there.

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  1. Fun read. Very visual...and creepy! LOL.

  2. read it and liked it...felt as though i was watching a movie

  3. You should write a novel à la Michael Crichton I say!

  4. Haha, was is real?? You make us question!!

    Nicely narrated and coincidentally I watched the Avengers today! The cubes, portals and what nots that come along with the Metallic villains are well depicted!

    Do visit my post "vishw-aaropam"! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

    REQUEST : can you pls turn your captcha / word verification off?? :)

  5. I liked your very visually descriptive narration style. ATB

  6. @Adite,@Nandini,@Suraj,@Dilip: Thank you very veryyyyyy much indeed.

    @Kappu: Thank you kappu, its nice to see you here. and yes I shall consider your "CAPTCHA" suggestion.

  7. You know girls hardly write about sci-fi fiction... you did that.. and that too with a brilliant piece of imagination.. I am impressed..
    Snuffles, is that a real name ? ;)

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  9. I love science fiction!! Awesome post and all the luck for BATM!!

  10. Wow, this was something really different, I never read anything like this before... But thoroughly enjoyed reading it.. :)

  11. brilliant narration, meow.. like a visual treat i should say :) all the best

  12. A really gripping read. Thoroughly enjoyed this science fiction kind of read...:)
    ATB for BAT! cheer

  13. Very engrossing . Writing style supe.

  14. I felt like I was in a videogame - the urgency, the panic, the mad dash across town, dodging obstacles and creepy monsters and finally, discovering the portal that will take me into the next level... except that I don't know that I am in a game. Exciting!

  15. wowww.. im really not a big fan of fiction stories..but when i started reading this story.. i was'nt able to stop..i did'nt knw that u write soo well sherna.. keep it up..n best f luck..

  16. gripping and thrilling it was ! never seen many women writers delving into this genre . . you have done a brilliant job ! :)

  17. nice take!! loved the racy narration!! :) was reminded of Ra.One!! :)


  18. Oh that was interesting! Action filled story of a savior (for self!).

  19. hey p/s I wanna follow you, am I already following you (or) I need to ;p

    #2 can i only follow u via email subscr :( cos i dont use my mails for that.... :-/


  20. Hey Sherna, Thank you so much for cheering my post...Keep writing and leaving a sweet impact on your reader's mind... :) Once again thank you... :)

  21. Thank you everyone for your views. I am so super-duper glad, and now i shall definitely write fiction :d
    @Kappu: Hi kappu, Thank you hehe *blush... various ways you can follow my blog are:
    Followers widget, add to reading list on "blogger", subscribe via email, follow on indiblogger :) Hope this info helps

  22. Hey Meow...

    I hereby nominate your blog for the Liebster Award. Come to my site and you know what to do... to collect your award :-) Congratulations..!


  23. Good one Sherna, It was a nice read.
    Praveen P Gopinath


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