March 17, 2013

A kind word


A young executive was nervously biting her nails.
At this interview she didn’t wanna fail.
Her surroundings weaved a corporate tale.
She prepared strong but was yet too frail.
Various thoughts flooded her mind.
And then she came across few words kind.
That’s what raised her confidence scale.
And then a good interview followed her trail.

“What do I do if I do not get selected here? I did clear the aptitude & GD test amongst those 100 odd people. The job scene is bad outside. Most of my batch mates have been placed via campus. I am amongst the few left. These guys look too good to be selected. Do I stand a chance?”
Seated on a red cushion, my nervousness was driving my calm nature astray. For a change I was biting my nails. A phenomenon I never saw. I wanted this job badly. I need to get placed. There were 5 of us qualified for the personal interview. Surprisingly, I was the only girl. An HR executive came up to us for an announcement. “Your interviews will begin in the next 20 minutes, please refresh yourselves and keep your certificates ready”. She smiled and left.
“Dude, what a bomb she is?” One of the candidates said. Others giggled.
I wondered how guys mixed up so well. I dint bother replying to the comment though. I was too worried and I needed to calm down. Good Lord, please help me calm down. I sipped some coffee to cool my nerves. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. *continue 10 times.
Gah! Damn. I guess I should use the washroom. I tiptoed to the marvelous washroom. I almost banged myself on the door. “Is the door locked?” I knocked the door assuming a cleaner inside.
“Just a minute” a feminine voice replied.
Maybe there’s just one washroom, I assumed. The door opened in a matter of time.  I pushed thru and walked in. A well lit washroom with two loo’s and two washbasins greeted me. A simple lady passed me a smile. I used the loo and was out in no time. The lady was still there. She seemed to be an employee here and the ID card gleamed thru her neck.
“Are you come here for interview?” she asked
“Yes” I replied with a tensed tone
“Don’t be tensed. All the best” Her smile hit me like a Sonic boom.
“Thank you. Thanks a lot” I replied with a smile.
And that was all I needed. I followed the motto “Keep Calm and relax”. Armed with my certificates, I stormed the interview obviously in a good way. I landed the job successfully that day and was the only one selected.

Yes, that young girl was me. Mansi, a carom champ, the female I met that day in the washroom is a chirpy lady working in my office.  One day I will surely let her know how much her words meant to me. What she said might just be a simple statement. But that was all I needed. It transformed my fear into hope.
Words, Words are all we have rightly said by BoyZone in their famous song “Words”.



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  1. Ohw! Yes, some words though simple give us a lot of strength!
    Thanks for sharing your interview experience :) It was fun reading it :)

  2. Das ist wunderbar!
    Interviews are always a wonderful experience to come by, mostly because its sometimes way more nerve wracking than written examinations. The encompassing feeling that there are people in a cabin who are going to judge you.. and of course the most important part - whether you even stand a chance among the others around you.. contributes to the sudden bouts of anxiety.
    The story of how i landed the first has been iterated and reiterated over the years to my friends, coz it was worth sharing, so this can be related to pretty well.. :))

  3. Gosh..loved your post...words..I am in love with them ;)


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