March 24, 2013

Dwaraka Diaries #1


Memoirs from my 4-day escapade to Dwaraka

Dwaraka - Pristine Blue waters
Remember the blue waters of “Priscine Molitor” in the “Life of Pi”?
I saw them, here in Dwaraka. Oh my God, I have never loved water bodies so much. Wow, Pristinely blue. So blue. So lovely blue. After being to Juhu Beach, I had never imagined that the Arabian Sea could be so beautiful. And clear too. .

Dwaraka – Sun & Wind
Sunset Point
Gujarat, being in the Hot Hemisphere and seemingly close to Tropic of Cancer, had a pretty blazing-yet-cool Sun. It was a rather contrasting feature though. Cool winds always teased your skin. Maybe the proximity to sea made the environment so. This made scouting the city at noon time pretty comfortable. Even after being close to the sea and salt-pans, the skin didn’t feel that oily.

Dwaraka – the city of the king
Dwaraka is easily approachable via rail as well as road. It’s also close to okha jetty making waterway quite easy too. Food: Restaurants do not open until 11:45 am so you could opt for fruits and packed snacks/biscuits for breakfast. A very miniscule number of shops (around the temple) offer breakfast. Stay: Choose a hotel close to the temple. If you have an acquaintance with any of the ashram’s present in city, opt for them as then you wouldn’t have to worry about food. Best time to visit: Jan (mid) – Mar (mid), June – Aug (start)

Dwaraka – Temples, Temples & Temples
 “Tiny temples, Marble temples, make you little shocked;
Big-Big temples, Round-Round temples, on every door you knock!”
Apart from the main temple, Rukmini temple, Bet Dwaraka & Nageshwar temple; you will find a temple on every corner of the road. 

Gita Mandir, Bhatkeshwar Mahadev, Suryanarayan Mandir, Siddeshwar Mahadev, Swami Narayan Mandir and the uncountable ones at the river.
The fab-4 are a must visit but the rest are wonderful if you want to follow the line “Kuch waqt to gujariye Gujarat mein”. Visiting the rest also allows you to have a look at the culture, beautiful temple architecture, and wonderful marble artworks.


More Memoirs, coming soon !!


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