March 27, 2013

Dwaraka Diaries #2


Memoirs from my 4-day escapade to Dwaraka
Dwaraka – The Cow-land
You could be walking down the streets looking up at the lined shops and feel a soft nudge by your back. Be amazed to turn around and look at the mammal passing behind you. I could have easily said the ‘land of cows” but no that’s not the way it is. Cows are in abundance in Dwaraka. Everywhere you will find a cow. The most common being the “caramel” one. And all they do is eat, sleep, nudge. Its fun for tourists, you could indulge in long photo sessions with them, they’ll walk, pose, eat and even follow you! Provided you lure them with food. Sometimes it’s the other way round. They lure you to buy food for them. I rather feel goats are more innocent than cows.

Sea gulls follow you enroute bet dwaraka

Dwaraka – Everyone is equal
Most of the elders say leaving an arti mid-way is considered inauspicious. In other words, whosoever reached the sanctum sanctorum at the time of arti were the ones who could stay as long as the arti is over. In Dwaraka, the people believe the larger number of people be in arti, brings in larger good. So the flow of devotees is not stopped during arti, in fact its faster! Everyone present in the temple at that time easily manages to get a glimpse of the lord and oh, the drummers play the perfect garba-dandiya beats. Wow. It’s a treat to see devotees dance whilst in the sanctum sanctorum. The day we were to leave for home, we decided to catch a quick glimpse of the good lord from far. But as the saying goes man proposes, god disposes, the arti was just about to begin and the sanctum was curtained as the good lord was being dressed up. And when it opened, Praises of the lord brought in the moments of joy which crashed soon as I realized there were 6ft giants in front of me. Damn. How was I to have a glimpse? Even jumping proved futile. Someone nudged me on my back and I was surprised to see, women and children alike were up on pillars. With a crooked grin I climbed up too. Whoa it was totally worth it. The lord was dressed up in an impeccably beautiful manner. That arti was an incredible experience.

Dwaraka – Local People & nature
Bullet Raja (the local rickshaw)

The culture of localities is very artistic indeed. Brahmins can be easily recognized by their easy-to-do get up. A readymade dhoti and a sleeveless dor (thread) waali top. It usually seems of if they are dressed for their garba. Language is loud too. Men are rather simple. Oh! The lovely women. Metallic jewelry, backless tops, heavy earrings, large metal anklets, oh good lord, it’s a photographer’s paradise. I have even made up my mind to open a photo blog. It’ll be up soon. Every evening handcart vendors bring in flavored milk, a tasty combination of badam, pista & kesar. My sibling had her rofl moment when I asked for plain milk and the vendor replied “Sirf dudh peeno me maja ko ni!” (There’s no fun drinking plain milk)

Dwaraka – Tour
a natural trench which left us awestruck
For a city-wide tour you could hire a cab or a rick. A rick would be cheaper and better as there’s not much to see and the city is quite small. You will finish your trip in 2 hrs flat including the photo sessions. Apart from the numerous temples the guides aka the drivers will take you to: Lighthouse, Man-made Sunset point. You will come across Okha jetty while on way to Bet Dwaraka. Also notice the wonderful windmills though the locals curse them for driving the rains away. That’s a sad but true story. I wonder when the government will recognize it.
The perfect wallpaper

Last Memoir, coming soon!!


  1. Nice :) Great post.. liked your way of describing the place... I wanted to see a pic of Bet Dwarka.. "khaali dudh peewa ma majo nathi" he he he :-) . Looking forward to the next one in the series "with a crooked smile" :d

  2. I havent been to Dwaraka so I am enjoying this series. Waiting for the next part.


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