March 28, 2013

Dwaraka Diaries #3


Memoirs from my 4-day escapade to Dwaraka

Dwaraka – Salt, Salt, Baby
You read that in the perfect tune teehee.
Salt looking like sand
A salt mountain

Sea water after all. Meow. Every glass, every gargle resulted in priceless expressions. I remember enjoying the swift lashing waves and equally hating the lingering salty taste. Yuck.  We even caught a glimpse of the TATA Salt Pan and what we saw far as mountains were actually mountains of SALT. They actually made us feel as if we are in some part of snowy regions. We even managed to find a small opening which looked like Leh, Ladakh. And ah, we did have ample clicks.

Ladakh! naah Dwaraka

Dwaraka – River & Sea
Gomti Ghat with sangam to the right
The end of walkway
Gomti River and its Sangam with the Arabian Sea is considered the most holy and they say it takes away sins of 7 generations. Obvious that, every tourist is enchanted to take a dip. The absence of proper changing rooms for women also influenced this decision. It was surprising there were changing rooms ONLY for women (What about men?) and they rather looked like Plain Square untidy boxes capable to have 10 women standing at one go.
In fact, I feel there should be a BOX (pun intended) for men too. Come on, everyone shivers there, we are all humans. A walkway around half a kilometer was designed for pilgrims to take the dip. The walkway consisted of a footpath and steps leading down to the river. Railings were placed every 10 -15 meters. At the end of the walkway was the Arabian sea.

Dwaraka – The Moksh Man
Being a single man with 3 ladies to take care of, my father decided to go early at dawn, 5 am to be precise, for the holy dip. Waking up was not a big deal considering the joy and excitement involved. As obvious, it was pitch dark. Small white lights lit up the walkway which allowed pilgrims to find their way. Hordes of people were taking a dip. We searched a scarce spot, closer to the sea and decided to go for the dip one-by-one. Dad volunteered first. As we (mom, sis & meow) called out to dad and teased him about his shivers whilst he took the dip, My sibling pointed out to a man in the waters and said “hey, how’s he swimming with his head down, is he doing an underwater?” I stole a glance and said “Maybe” and continued to cheer dad. “He’s dead!” my mom exclaimed. That’s when I seriously paid attention. The man in his inners, was upside down rather in a position which on land would look as if he’s touching his feet. The slow waves made it look as if his hands were moving but on observation it was clear, he was still. He had definitely plunged for taking a dip. The unavailability of a coast guard or a police at the location was something which surprised us more. We figured out maybe he drowned somewhere close to midnight because, biologically, it takes some time for bodies to float up in case of death. We were so engrossed that we dint see my shivering father walk up to us and scream for the towel. Obviously he had missed the sight. Initially even he dismissed the issue saying the man is alive. But after observations he concluded in unanimity. Next was mom’s turn. We let a few moments pass away so that the body swiftly moved away with the waves. Some women even clung to mom as she stepped close to the water and prevented her from stepping in saying the waters were sinned. As the time passed, the body was swept away with the waves and we lost sight. I rather feel that, that guy attained peace. I mean he did die. Maybe because of carelessness, maybe he committed suicide, I don’t know, but he died in the holy waters so he’s attained “Moksh”

Well, that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoyed the diaries. Do comment your opinions!

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