March 3, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

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“Yes Dad, I wanna do it” an excited Priya exclaimed over the phone. “I wanna land there on Valentine’s and spend the evening with him. He has a half-day on 14th
“It’s just that I am a bit scared. Anyways Ok, dear. “ Dad replied reluctantly
“Dad, I shall keep you updated about the events Dad. Don’t worry”
“Pia, Does he love you?” Dad asked with baited breath. He knew his princess would say yes, but somewhere down his heart, he feared, Ajay does not feel the same.
“Dad, he does like me. I am gonna propose him too” She said with glee in her voice.
“Take care Pia, Daddy loves you.” His peppery voice seemed better. He didn’t want to dash her hopes. It was her wish and he was ready for consequences.
“ILY2 Dad. Muah”

Priya Shah, Daddy’s Little Girl, 5’7”, simply beautiful, long hair, hazel eyes, bubbly in nature and an enthusiastic MBA student at Harvard was gearing up to meet Ajay, at his Silicon Valley office on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. She had known Ajay for over 4 years and was planning to propose him for marriage. She knew Ajay was her prince charming and since the day she met him, she was head over heels on this guy.
Ajay Sisodia, on the other hand, a 6’2” hottie, athletic body, gold medalist in swimming, all-rounder in sports, and a software developer had landed on his dream job in the Silicon Valley.  A 6 figure salary, a studio-apartment, a sexy sedan, he was at his career-high and was enjoying this phase in life. He met Priya, through a cousin Nikita and admired her instantly for being beauty with brains.

Far across in Orange County, a desk phone rang consistently and finally flipped to voicemail
“Niki beta, it’s me Mamaji. You know what I think of Ajay. Pia is off to propose Ajay day-after tomorrow. Please beta will you keep…”
“What? Pia is coming here in California?” answered an amazed Nikita.
“Yes dear, Could you please...”
“Sure Mamaji, I shall call get in touch with her.”
“Beta, what do you think of Ajay?”
“He’s a great friend uncle, a stable job, a big house, a car, reputed family...”
“Do you think he loves Pia?”
“I am not sure Mamaji. I will have to figure that out. Don’t worry I shall be with Pia all time and will keep you updated.”
“Thank you beta; do take care of yourself too. I don’t wanna see you size zero again. Good night”
“Sure. Good night Mamaji” said Niki with a slight giggle

“Screw the VM, it’s me Pia. I am landing in CA in two hours, PICK ME UP!”
“Chauffer ready maam” giggled Niki
“Haha, hey sis, that’s the reason I love you.”
“Yeah, yeah and this love also promised me a Louis Vuitton”
“Surprise ! Surprise !”
--beep beep “your call could not be connected”
“Oh crap!” exclaimed Pia. “Well she did get the message. I hope everything goes fine. I hope.”

3 hrs later
Priya & Niki greeted each other and Priya explained the purpose of her visit along side-by-side gifting Niki with her favorite handbag from L & V.
“Hmm I see. Ok, let’s hit my pad and you get fresh. Leave for Silicon post early lunch”
“Sure “

“Hey AJ”
“Hey Pia, was sup?”
“So enjoying a half day huh?”
“Yeah. Just 1 more hour and I am a free bird”

“I got just one hour, Will I reach on time Niks?” questioned an almost ready Pia.
“If you go through the routes I mentioned, you’ll reach before time” smiled the detective Niki. It was for her sister after all so she didn’t mind updating Mamaji with the details. “All the best and I’ll be @ coffee house by 4. Ping me once you meet him and once again updating your status around 4. Please do not forget.”
“Don’t you have a Valentine?” Niki glared Priya on this comment
“Kidding sis thanks a ton. See ya” said a giggling Pia waving a bye.

Priya hurriedly rushed through the stairs. She didn’t wanna be late. She had to reach his office right before he left. She had to order his favorite flowers on her way too. She managed to reach Ajay’s office fast, thanks to Niki the explorer.

She spotted Ajay’s office and quickly stood across the street and dialed Ajay. A peppery voice answered.
“Hello Pretty Lady, you went offline or what?”
“Hey AJ, just thought to call you up”
“That’s great you know I was just thinking to ping you as I have just wrapped up. I so so feel like having a box of my favorite cookies today”
“Oh nice, do you have few minutes to talk?”
“Umm Yes I do”
“AJ, if you do have the time could you do me a favor please?”
“Erm sure Pia, what happen? Are you fine?”
“If you have some time, could you just walk out of your office please? There’s a woman right across the street with a creamy-floral dress. She’ll wave at you once she sees you”
“Ok, I ‘m on my way. Are you ok Pia, what’s all this?
“Please do this for me Ajay”
“Sure. I am entering the lift the call will get cut”
Ajay cut the call. He lied. He was rather rushing to the open lobby to have a look at the woman Pia was mentioning about. As soon as he reached, he saw a stunning Priya waving out to him. He almost dropped his Phablet. Boys and their toys. She was smart enough to know that he would look from the lobby first. She had donned a cute cream floral one-piece complimenting her complexion. She let her hair down and had mild make up. When she smiled she looked like an angel from heaven. Ajay sure was lucky. Was he?
“Pia, what are you doing here” he said grabbing her by hand.
“Happy Valentine’s...”
“Anyways let’s walk to that park over there; I would not like to be seen by my office colleagues”
 “Ok” Pia said slightly feeling snubbed.
Reaching a bench and making Priya sit, he said “Why are you here?”
Holding his hand in hers she said in her soft voice “Happy Valentine’s Day Ajay”
“Happy Valentine’s Priya, you seem so mushy-blushy”
“Ajay, I have been waiting for this moment to openly tell you what I feel. And I came all the way from MA to tell you that I wanna spend my whole life with you. I Love you.”
“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” Ajay grabbed Priya by her shoulders and shook her hard. A stunned Pia stared back at him with moist eyes. He realized that he was hard on her so he let go instantly. He stood up with a hand on his forehead. He was making up a statement to tell her. He turned around and said “I mean, hey, pia, come on, I mean I do like you but you know the truth. The fact is that I just LIKE you, not LOVE you. You are so sharp and witty I do not need to tell you this”
Pia was shattered. Her father’s fear had come true. Or was it just a dream? Was he just playing around? Was she making up this entire scene in her head? Ajay raised his voice “Do you get my point Pia?” She realized that she lost touch of the conversation. She just stared him point-blank.
“Gather your wits; I’ll get back to you in few minutes. I guess my colleagues are buzzing me” he sprinted back to his office building.

“They just had an argument. They met and were talking in a park nearby. He’s just turned towards his office. Pia is still sitting like a statue” Niki murmured on the phone
“Niki, as far as I know my darling, she wouldn’t do anything wrong. Still, beware. Other things around her might hurt her.” A tensed Mamaji replied.
“Yes Mamaji, I am keeping an eye on her, I’ll be on her side in few minutes, it’s about to be 4”

Priya sat there wondering, had she done something wrong? She loved him, truly, he did like her. Ok maybe she misunderstood the liking for love. Or rather to something which could be converted to love. Her moist eyes gave away when she saw Niki’s walking over. They hugged. She didn’t know for how long but she just hugged Niki as long as she could hold on to her.
“Who said I didn’t have a valentine?” giggled a cheerful Niki.
Priya broke into a small laugh. “It was a misunderstanding Pia, we must be glad that it got solved sooner.”
“Yes Niki, thank you my dear sis, my dear valentine”
“You are graciously welcomed at my home, any time, any day, any night and you know…”the sisters walked hand-in-hand to a warm sunset.

6 hours later
“That was an awesome evening dude, great food, over-the-top drinks and awesome music thanks dude.” Ajay waved a bye to his friend.
“Whoa what’s at my door, lilies?” A beautiful bouquet full of wonderful white lilies and a cute heart-shaped cookie box eagerly awaited Ajay at his doorstep. It had a note which read:
“To the most wonderful guy I have ever met, Sending you your favorite flowers and a box of your favorite cookies, handmade. Happy Valentine’s Day – Pia”
Ajay pondered, “She’s a really nice girl, and I didn’t let her down. Or did I?”



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  2. One of the few posts whose end is actually a "may be" start.

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    Keep blogging!!!

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  7. GRIPPING. Beautifully presented.


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