March 2, 2013

My shoulder-long locks

~This post won the Runners-up prize in the Dove Split End Rescue Beautiful ends Beautiful Braids Contest~

Reliving old memories is one the best things you can do with a coffee and a warm evening. Thanks to Indiblogger & Dove for this wonderful chance.

Reminiscing about school days bring back a truck-load of memories indeed. Ah! So good were those days, those golden days. An all-girls school, a no-fuss mom and a 6 am bus = BOY CUT

Yes, that was the modus operandi. All those who know me as an adult might have a quite giggle. Sure. Go ahead. I have them too. But no huh, I didn’t look funny. I looked rather cute indeed. From childhood till I was around 10 I had a pure boy cut. No not a BOB but a cute BOY cut. It was but obvious for my mom you know. She had to wake up early, cook for tiffin and then prepare for war i.e. wake me up. So she always opted for the BOY CUT. It was rather easy to comb hair once and kiss goodbye.
And when the teens kicked in, I migrated to the BOB cut.  That also marked the advent of “BEAUTY PARLOUR” in my life.  And I followed the suit. Wake up, Slurp Milk, Comb once, done. Short BOB Long BOB pussycat BOB and I call CUT! The month I tied pussycats and the next it was BOB again.

And then came 14, like a rebellious teen.
Neat and petite, to a sweet 16.
Elegance was what caught my eye and I started fancying long hair. Now, that I was a woman. I mean why not, long hair is beautiful and braids look cute. Everyone in school looked their age. Different styles of braids yet I was a sage.

I made up my mind and my mom. After all she was the one to “DO IT”.  Well she did agree but reluctantly. So the routine changed to: Wake up, Slurp Milk, Comb once, Get ribbons, Sit down in front of mirror and yell “Mummy….”

And then came the day, in my final year, a paper shone brightly on the notice board and the news spread like wild fire. Roll sound! ACTION!
“Class 10 Students please note:
 The photographer has been arranged next week to click passport size pictures for SSC EXAM. Class-monitors please collect time slots from your class teacher”

Smile  Please

The “SSC HALL TICKET PHOTOGRAPH”, the only picture we were allowed to take. The day dawned. I wish Lady Gaga had launched “Paparazzi” at that time. Coz the song was just perfect. I got up 10 minutes early and made my own onyx-black, round-pebble-like braids that day. And they were perfect. A cute v-face, two shoulder-length beautiful braids, and a mellow smile, “Smile please”. I swear the photographer might have gone crazy, clicking 200+ blushing girls! Here’s the picture from my scrapbook. Please do not mind the navy-sailor like uniform hehe.

Those were the good hair days; when mom cared for our hair, when pollution didn’t mix with our locks, when the food we ate easily gave strength to our hair, when we used nothing else apart from what mom bought for hair-care. Wow. Which lady doesn’t like her soft-soft hair on her blushing cheeks? Today, every other thing we do, we eat, we use reflects in our body. So does to our hair. Major problems women folk are facing today are dandruff, dry-frizzy hair and split-ends. They are the perfect spoilers for every event. The sky-high pollution, the junk-yet-tasty-fast-food and the crowded market of hair-care solutions, we are seriously spoilt for choice.  Shampoos, Conditioners, Strengtheners, Straighteners, Smootheners and what not! It’s indeed very confusing to stand in front of the hair-care counter and choose ONE thing.

Voila, Dove comes to rescue. A pioneer in women’s skin care section, Dove bring yet another complete solution to bring back the soft, split-ends free, careless hair. The “Dove Split Ends Rescue System”. I am superbly eager to try. Guess confusions are over now. And mom won’t have to worry ;)

Happy-Hair days are here again. The split-ends above are clear again. So let us buy a pack of Dove again. Happy days are here again.


  1. That was very sweet.. straight from the heart.. :)

  2. LOL... The pic was worth the read...
    Lekin black and white pic kyu?
    For authenticity? :P

    1. Hehe thank you pilla saar 8-)

      Naah, if you remember our ssc exam had requirement for black and white photo! I would have personally loved the color photo. Meow!

  3. Great nostalgic saga penned. Best wishes

    1. Thank you Sir, yes it was nostalgic indeed

  4. Beautifully written.....ur style of narrative is so easy and effortless....loved every bit of it. Good luck for the contest :)

  5. :D Every one has a story to say. :P I agree with the boy cut thing :d


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