April 7, 2013

Clothes don't matter

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“Your invoice is ready Sir” said the attendant with a smile but Shreyas was in a different world, he had not heard the attendant. Sitting on the street facing porch, he continued staring at the horizon. Where could Raavi be? Why did she not make those contributions yet?
“Sir, your invoice is ready” the attendant repeated. Cool wind, swept the words away before they could reach Shreyas. Maybe she’s done it along with a team or from her company. Maybe. Or maybe she’s still waiting, for something.
 “Sir, are you fine? Shall I bring you some water?” the worried attendant slowly kept his hand on Shreyas’s shoulder. Shreyas zapped back into reality with the touch.
“Huh? Oh yes, please. Is my invoice ready yet?”
“Yes Sir, Please collect it from the reception before you leave, meanwhile I shall bring you a glass of water”
“Thank you”

Staring back into oblivion, Shreyas rolled back his memories to that night, that bizarre night, when he first saw a woman, the only woman on platform number 10, way past midnight. The last train was to arrive at the platform. But the dimly lit platform didn’t hide the fishnet stockings clad legs the woman had. She was absolutely stunning. Open hair, red lips, short skirt, off shoulder top, curvy hips, sexiness was brewing out of her. But she looked rather frustrated. She was constantly trying to reach someone through her cell phone. Maybe she’s an escort, working for posh highly paying male clients.

As the train chugged into the station, I coyly sat around the lady. Something made me feel I should sit around her. I sat behind her. I didn’t realize when the train started moving as I was busy involved in listening to what she was speaking.
“Hey it’s me Raavi, where have you been, where is your phone?”
Whoa, a ravishing Raavi. That’s a good name though. Maybe she’s a b-grade actress working in shady lights or maybe she’s some blonde not sensible to use her body well. I leaned over to listen carefully.
“Ya ya, I know. God bless you both. Happy Married Life. You know, after lots of planning, I have finally decided a place. The name of the shelter is Asha Kiran. It’s a genuine place run by the social worker Asha Modi. It houses both elders and children. I am planning to donate for the coming winter. I came to know there is a shortage of warm clothes. I plan to buy blankets and sweaters after knowing the number of people. I will include the staff too. I plan to collect some food items too and that’s where you guys will be helping me. And rest, I shall pay in kind. I plan to give away all my savings I either ways earn a lot now neither do I have any high investments in the coming 2 quarters…”

I was stunned. I was so wrong about this woman. All I thought of her was because of her dressing sense. Clothes don’t quite define a person. Her looks were ecstatic but what a golden heart she had. Good Lord, forgive me. As I closed my eyes and asked forgiveness I heard her say:

“And oh, I even met a soothsayer and...Hey wait I need to get down, will call you back in 5”

I let the moment pass by. At that time, my guilt didn’t allow me to take a look at her. I was ashamed of my thoughts. Alas, that was the last time I saw her.

Moving the curtains aside, I sat in front of the soothsayer. I did not want to waste time so I blurted out my question as soon as she said a hello.
“Maam, I would like to give away my money to charity, I have been thinking since long.. It’s my top most wish for now. What does my future hold for me”?
The soothsayer smiled looked into her crystal ball, It didn’t take long for her smile to disappear. The worried soothsayer held Raavi’s hand and said
“My dear, You have to spread this message. Someone will do it for you. I can see it. Your money will go to charity but not from your hands. My dear child you have to be alert I see you are going to..”
“Die, right?” I gave in a grin. “I know, fortune tellers have warned me, do not worry, I shall manage. Thank you for suggestion.”
“God bless you my child”

“I shall let my best friends know about my plan, maybe they shall carry out my deed for me.” A smiling Raavi said to herself

Today, I am here at Asha Kiran and no one in the past 6 months had donated anything except food. Elders & children were so glad to receive the blankets and sweaters I bought. The staff even wore it happily. Their smiles said more than their “thank you’s”. They would not be afraid of the chill anymore. I wonder why, why did Raavi not donate. It was because of her that I came to know this genuine place and even the idea of what to donate. Good Lord, where ever she is, bless her. Shreyas, finally made it to the reception, accepting the good wishes, he waved a bye to all those who came to see him off. He promised to come again soon. He was glad to be here. It made him feel nice.
“Aaj ki taaza khabar, aaj ki taaza khabar– convict arrested, station murder convict finally arrested” screamed the young newspaper lad.
“That’s was a strange murder case indeed. Good grief. Beta, 1 copy dena” Shreyas said.
“Everyone was talking about this case, well I couldn’t catch up on this earlier, well let’s see, OH MY GOD, Raavi??” gasped Shreyas. The news column read.

“Justice has finally been done to Raavi Singh. Prime suspect Vikram Goni has been sentenced to death for the cold blooded murder. Few months ago, a drunk Vikram stabbed to death Raavi, a manager in the hospitality sector, over a trivial issue of catching a cab at midnight.”

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  1. Nice piece of fiction. A noble thought and a thoughtless act both put together very well.

  2. nice work !!i have had an opportunity to read quite a few on the same topic and I feel ur story has an edge !! Best Of LUck !!

  3. Interesting piece....very interesting indeed....

    First time blogatoner.....Shreyasi

  4. Its baffling how trivial things can trigger someone to kill!
    All the Best for BAT!

    Rumya - The Woman on Platform No. 10

    1. Ah yes indeed, how Life and Death have become just a matter of time! Sigh :-s
      Thank you and ATB for BAT

  5. It's scary when I read about someone getting murdered for trivial issues in newspapers. Nice story, even though ending made me little sad.

    The woman on platform number 10

    1. Yes, thats sad but true :-s
      Hmm i know, but the end captures the true essence
      ATB for BAT

  6. Yowza! This was a bit like Talaash, but trust me, your story and characters were a lot better! Good job :)

    1. Hahaha Lol,
      thank you thank you Mixi :d

  7. A nice post with a reality of todays world. ATB for BAT!

  8. nice on...quite a different take on the theme!

  9. You have written it so well.....!! Loved reading it!!


  10. Wow mam !
    Really Interesting :-)
    It could be a longer one though ;-)
    Anyways, please do write similar pieces of fiction in the future too :-)
    Have you written any e-books ?

  11. Gripping and brilliantly narrated thriller. WoW post and congrats:)


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