April 28, 2013

Excuse Moi

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You See I am the chief guest for the official S4 Launch. You don’t expect me to miss that do you?

Ex#2 Satya Ghatna pe aadharit (Same Lame excuse every 2nd month)
Sir, Mere pair me fracture hai.  
* in mind Akkhi body mein 206 type ki sirf haddi hoti hai. Tod te waqt apun sochta hai kya?

My hamster killed my neighbor’s dog! So have a funeral to attend and a lawyer to appoint

I am allergic to sunrays in summer

Don’t show up when called say....Who is this please? I got hit n doctors say I have a memory loss...do you know my name?

Ate something from refrigerator and farting like hell from morning..... You still want me to be in office? ....... BOSS!!?

My eyes are aching today. Doctor has advised bed-rest. Kindly miss me in office today. And do not worry I shall watch the IPL Match from home.

A collection of lame excuses, sourced from my dear friends.
Hope you had a nice giggle.
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