April 15, 2013

The Chemical Saga


This post has been written as a part of Indifiction Workshop (IFW) – Edition 6. This edition revolved around presenting the story of Beauty & the Beast in a contemporary (modern) format with Point-of-view narration of the lead characters starting from the Beat’s POV, and where the narration zigzags between past and present. The story had to end in conflict-resolution. Thank you, Prasanna Rao for the enticing plot. The original post for IFW can be found here.

Author Note: I was rather skeptical until the last moment. I toyed with the idea for too long and finally mustered up my courage to write it. I may have made mistakes, errors, typos etc. I would love to see your views, comments, suggestions, and complaints in the comments section. Do leave a note! Thankies!

Krish Singhania as the Beast
Alisha Sarkar as Beauty
Sarav as Krish’s Personal Assistant and a mediator between Krish and outer world.

“Why can’t people see that I am a human first?” I muttered to myself. I have been living like a thief in my own castle. How I wish my parents were not killed in that twist of fate. How I wish to I could find a cure to my condition. How I wish…I wish…
“Sarav, SARAV!” I barked out to my PA. Sarav, the only man I could trust. My loyal aide right from the day I saved him from the local mafia, a married humble man who knows how to handle my anger.
“Yes Sir, How may I help you?” a sober voice spoke from behind me.
“Do I look like an Alien?” I asked him.
“No Sir, my apologies but who said so?” asked.
“I was out to shoo those vicious wolves that got close to the child in the park and…”
“She was a child, My Sir” pat came the reply.
“I KNOW! I know Sarav. But she shrieked out when she saw me, she said I am a monster from another world, an ALIEN”. I banged my fist on the wall. The tiny mirror fell down and shattered to pieces. The agony did not subside.
“You have a heart of Gold, master. She was too young to gauge your condition, my dear Master” said Sarav maintaining his calm. He was right. Maybe the child was just 5 or 6. Maybe that’s how they depict monsters in today’s TV Shows. Tanned skin, a strong voice and boils, blisters all over the body. DAMN MEDIA!

“Team, the news is true. We are being taken over. A multi-millionaire has offered to take over our services for an estimated 5 billion. The board has finalized the decision and the process will be initiated in this Fiscal Quarter. Soon, we become a part of bigger force and bigger challenges await us. We, the board, are glad to announce, KS Group Private Limited as our new Owner”
Whew, that was easy. Giving out decisions is my cup of tea as usual. I need to get to Mr. Sarav post the photo sessions. No one else knows about KS Group’s CEO. I wonder why he escapes my questions when I ask about the CEO. I know he is one of a kind; he doesn’t meet anyone at all. No one in the media or high society has seen him. Krish Singhania, the man, the brain behind KS Group, one of the largest local conglomerates. I am glad to be a part of the merger; I love this initiative as it provides ample growth to our company. But as usual, I would like to apply my personal connection with this new merger. I need to see this mysterious man. Ah, there is Mr. Sarav. Mr. KS I am on my way to thee.

Sarav has come up with a tad strange request.
“Master, Alisha Sarkar, from the board of Directors of Tensing Chem. is adamant. She will not sign the clearance papers until she’s had a chat with you”
“Why does she want to meet me even after you have refused, or rather even after I have refused?”
“Apologies master, I have no idea. Please do not be angry. As usual, I have politely refused. And according to your orders, I have enquired about Ms. Alisha. She is a quite known to add her personal touch. She doesn’t interact for sake of something, she likes to build strong corporate bonds, which she believes, can be established via mutual chats and discussions. She believes it improves the scope of progress.”
“Women! She wants to have a chat eh? Let’s see what we can do”

“Mr. Sarav, come again?”
“Ms. Alisha, Master Krish has agreed to have a chat with you.”
“Are you serious? Good lord, I so wanted this interaction. Thanks a lot Mr. Sarav. So when is Mr. Krish coming to his new office? Today? Tomorrow?”
“Actually maam, He will be on a conference call”
“Conference? with whom?”
“I will be in the call too, Maam”
“Ok, answer this. I heard your master is a rich-jerk like a geeky-nerd, with big glasses and weighs as much as around 200 pounds, is that true?”
“No it isn’t Maam, Mr. Krish does not have stable health. Thus he does not travel. He also has a short temper. I humbly request you, to please keep these details private.”
“Oh, alright. Then a call it is”
Damn, what a guy. But still, I am lucky. I managed to at least get on a chat with this guy. Hmm, maybe he has a sensitive body. And that’s why he is never out. It’s just his bold signature and money that he flashes everywhere.

*Next day conference call

“Hello Sir, this is Alisha Sarkar, Senior Management, Tensing Chem. Greetings for the day”
“Hello Ms. Alisha, This is Krish Singhania. Pleased to talk to you. So what was it that made you so adamant to have a chat with me?”
His voice, so clear, so manly, it swept me off my feet. I have never come across a man with such an amazing voice. What a superb peppery voice this tycoon has.
“Business, of course Mr. Krish. I have various ideas which I would like to discuss with you.”

“Alisha is indeed very knowledgeable. She is a perfect combination of beauty, brilliance and wit. Sarav, she has plenty of ideas which we should implement.”
“Yes, master” Sarav said with a bright smile as he left the room. He knows me so well. Damn. It’s like he can read my eyes, my mind. I haven’t talked to any stranger since 2 decades. I have been smiling a lot lately. She has such a beautiful tone and grasps concepts so well. Though we haven’t shared quite personal details, yet she recollects every small point I have mentioned. She’s wonderful. She’s rather perfect. What a shame, I am not.

Krish is awesome. He fuses so easily with various qualities. Strategy, tactics, common sense, you name it and he has it. He’s so cool, calm and composed. At least, I haven’t seen his temper which Sarav had mentioned. There’s so much I am learning from him. He’s so down to earth. We have been discussing day-in-day-out lately. Well he does treat women well, that’s what it feels like. I think he’s rather cute. I like him. Why am I Blushing? Tee hee

It’s been 3 days since we have started talking on personal stuff. Alisha. Alisha. Alisha. Does she blush when I take her name? She has shared her set of hobbies and other details. Sarav has been giggling a lot lately. He’s seen the change in me. My temper has reduced drastically. I like the person in the mirror. I love being on phone with her. Is she the girl of my dreams? Will she marry me and accept me the way I am? Will She? For now, let me go through the points again. Wait, what’s that? OH GOD, TODAY? NO WAY. NO. ALISHA NO.

Jeez, it’s been 3 days. My crush on him is increasing day-by-day. I love listening to his peppery voice. Especially when, he calls my name. Does he do it on purpose, can he see my blush? His hobbies and stuff are so similar to mine. Its 10 pm. What’s this lingering feeling? Gosh, I hope he finishes his dinner early.  I so didn’t wanna end the call right now. I can sense him smile on the phone. I love reading out small jokes to him. I like him. I lo…voicemail? Something seems wrong; I felt I shouldn’t have kept the call. I can’t get through his voicemail and it’s been 30 minutes now. I have ordered to get connected through the reception and there’s no response. Sigh.
*Phone beeps, a voice message received
Ok, who’s sending a voice message so late in the night, Krish? Oh yes, it’s Krish. Let’s play it.
“Alisha, the bio-plant at level 2 square 3a is about to explode in exactly 10 minutes. It had a pre-set timer which has gone bust. On exploding, those not covered with insulation will be hit by the radiation and might cause skin issues forever. Vacate the premises. Get out as fast as you can. Call me when you are done. I love you.”
He loves me. He does love me. My tears won’t stop today. I am gonna hug him later and cry all night.
“Maam, please wear the insulation” said a team member. I didn’t care. We just kept running towards the plant. “I will, let’s get to the plant first”
“How much time left, 5 minutes Maam. You please stay in the glass watch chambers maam, please do not come down, we are short of insulation covers”
“WHAT? DAMN. FINE. All the best, Go, go, go. Security, give me an update”
“Roger: the premises have been vacated successfully; Fire brigade and the ambulance are on their way. MAAM, KRISH SIR’S CAR HAS JUST BARGED IN FROM THE SOUTH GATE”

I have never seen Sarav so tearful. I can’t help it. We were almost flying on our way here.
“Sarav, I need you out here, get the help, I need to go in, I can fix it.”
“Master…Please…Tell me how to do it...I shall...Master...Please...don’t”
I turned around and sprinted to the place. I have been well versed on the locations and maps, thanks to my darling Alisha. I just hope she is fine. Ah, there it is. Ah, the rescue team is here too. They are working on it. Great I’ll supervise. Wait, who’s in those glass chambers? ALISHA? Good grief NO! Those chambers are plain glass they might break.

“Doctor, Please save him, and Please save Krishna” I wailed like a baby. Sarav looked at me wiping his tears, amazed how I knew his real name. The team could not stop the explosion, they were short of time. That tall beast-like athletic man, the voice who screamed my name, it was him. Krish. Krishna. His real name is Krishna Singhania. He was hit with direct radiation. I did scream out to him, I hope he heard what I said
“Krishna, I Love you.”
Good Lord, I love him, truly. Save him. Please.

This is a dream. It can’t be true. I can’t believe it. The doctor just said that my boils and blisters have been cured. Thanks to the exposure, my bad skin peeled off.
“Thank you doctor”
“My pleasure Mr. Krish, all the best for a new look a new life”
*being wheeled out of the Operation theatre
Isn’t that Alisha and Sarav too? Thank god they are alive. But they almost look dead tired. Did Sarav just drop his things? Why is he running to me? He is happy I guess? My poor loyal aide, He deserves hug. Wait, Is my face disfigured yet?
“Master, you look just like your father” he said as he embraced me.
“Thank you Sarav, my dear friend”
“And what about me” said my darling tearful Alisha and all I could do was stretch my arms out to her from the bed. A tight hug and then it is happily ever after.



  1. mine reviews is upon what i felt while reading as a reader
    1. The start was good
    I feel its ur normal way to start from the middle of no where
    I'm saying this as I've read ur other fiction
    The start it very grapsing
    2. Till the scene where the Bio-Plant blast was there
    I was with the story
    then suddenly I didn't knew what was going on
    as ur narration was confusing. As I didn't get to know when the thots were over and when the dialog started.
    3. You must work on the middle and the end part of the story. Your start was brilliant... but in the middle it went down due to points mentioned above... Secondly the I already predicted the end before coming to it..

    Over all a good fiction I must say.. Keep working on your -ve points and u will be better... :) All the Best :)

  2. Good read if you ignore the numerous plot holes and the fact that this is borderline chick lit :p
    Great effort though.. Kudos!


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