May 13, 2013


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When the tried-and-tested hairstyles got boring, and same old hairdos made dressing up worthless, 3 words turned the whole phenomena upside down – “Ramp Ready Hair”
“Yay” I exclaimed. I was game for it instantly. Which woman doesn’t like styling up her hair!
TRESemmè, a brand used by professionals all over the world, turned my sunny dull evening into a pop-jazzy-fun night.

All we had to do was browse through a set of videos collated by TRESemmè, pick a style, and flaunt it. But wait, that’s not all. Here’s how I had fun with TRESemmè.

Ramp - Access Pass
After rejoicing on the fact that finally I would manage to do new hairstyles, I was asked to opt for a TRESemmè product. I was to choose between “Smooth & Shine” and “Climate Control”. I preferred the former as that’s what my partially wavy hair required this summer. And then like the curious cat that I am, I anxiously checked out the TRESemmè India Youtube channel and whoa I was blown over.

The channel was interactive. It allowed users to choose between a ramp-show and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos.

My Random Ramp
Every video representation was short, sweet and basically to-the-point. The descriptions and suggestions were apt. I was mesmerized by Diana Penty as well. Her hair looked flawless. The best part of the DIY’s was that TRESemmè covered all the 3 basic hair types viz: Straight, Wavy & Curly and a different hair-do adorning each style.

The DIY’s were so easy that I found myself in front of mirror trying random looks & styles complimenting my face. The winner amongst all was “Butterfly Ponytail”. It’s sassy, classy and yet elegant and hey EXTREMELY EASY, who would have thought we could do stuff like this in just 2 minutes! Even Maggi isn’t ready in 2 minutes!

Cute na?

I also tried out the “twisted hairbands” and they looked cute.

I used that hair accessory just once in my life
#TRIVIA: When you are out of hair-clips or your clip gives away, go for such hairbands.

Amongst my own styles I opted for Messy Side-Fishtail braid. Though it’s a bit time and energy consuming, it’s a look which is totally worth the effort.

One more thing you could do is Side Pin-ups. Yes, you read that right. Coloured Bobby Pins are always in trend. Choose a side and softly comb the top portion of your hair into it and pin it up with a bobby pin. It looks really cool.

#TRIVIA: Always keep bobby pins handy, they work like a charm

Have a look at the hairdo done by a model in the latest Reliance Trends Ad. A side-ponytail. It looks really in-season and casual.

The bizarre reactions I received from Women as well as Men apart from the Ooh’s and Aah’s are:
·         Hey what you have done is nice.
·         How have you done it?
·         *while crafting the hair-do “Hey what are you doing”
*after the blink-a-miss “Hey, just how did you do that? Tell na, T ell na, Tell na , how did you do that?
·         It must be quite difficult na?
·         Wow, is it so easy?
·         That’s so nice and unique

P.S. I loved the pampering and pestering my women-folk did to me, so that I reveal the secrets Hahaha.

#TRIVIA: If you have layered hair, try this. Comb your hair normally. Pick one side layer. Twist it softly. Pin it up near your nape in such a way that, it’s tucked in sweetly. Repeat the same on the other side. And there you go.

Here in this pic, I have done a simple side braid but as I have layered hair my other side was giving away, thus I simply twisted it and tucked it in. It looks neat and different from the simple pin-up.

TRESemmè Smooth & Shine: It has a wonderful, mild and lingering fragrance. It works well with most hair-types. I recommend it for daily use.

Thank you, Indiblogger. Thank you, TRESemmè.
TRESemmè weaved its TRESemmagic
I got:
·         A pepped-up style quotient
·         Zeal for experimentation
·         Jazzed up office/corporate hair-styles.

Now, I am not afraid to try new styles. I try various looks, fuse old styles with the new ones and flaunt it very gladly.

P.S. Don’t forget to catch the sassy hairdos on TRESemmè India Youtube channel


  1. nice post and best of luck for the contest !:)

  2. lovely hairstyles, I saw will hve to chek their tutorials

  3. Hey Congrats Girl.. Lovely post.. Love your hairstyles and the reactions your penned.. :-) so true..


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