June 9, 2013

Immortals of Meluha - Read Along


This post is in response to #IoMReadAlong Week1. 

The way amish has moulded the story here by quoting Shiva as a human is what makes the story more fascinating to read. It totally turns a readers mindset from the thought that Shiva is a God to Shiva is a mere mortal. This actually acts a good foundation/base for the whole story.

I really liked these kinda points in the complete story. It shows how in reality, people just thrust their decisions and wishes on others.

Hahaha I appreciate it because the “cusses” bought me closer to the character. Lol. It’s actually true. Like how we slang and says cusses when we are with our friends. It made me feel that Shiva is one of us, one of the youth, one amongst us.

Like I said above, Shiva and most of the story feels like the current youth. So, there’s definitely a discord with the era mentioned in the story. It looks too modern and too technologically advanced as compared to 1900 BC. And yes, I also feel that the author could have authenticated the era a bit better. Rather shifted the B.C. with and A.D. And some scene descriptions were too long. I remember forcefully shifting my vision some lines down to avoid reading the plain Jane descriptions.

Point #5
Apart from the Shiva-Sati tete-a-tete, The Natraj dance Pose (both of which I totally loved) caught my eyes the most.

Point #6
Yes, that’s a good turning point again. Though in the later parts, Daksha does oppose Shiva. It captivates the reader here as everyone thinks Daksha will oppose, but he doesn’t. So the readers glued to the story now that they now certain things will be different from the mythology.

Woo Hoo,
I had fun in this Read Along.
Looking forward for next week. Yay.
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  1. First of all Sjay, you have a pretty blog. Love browsing here.

    I absolutely back your point #1 and #2.. for #3, yes you made a valid point that cussing does make him mortal, someone like us. For point #6 oh Dude you just spilled it. That is a boost for me to read. Yup I'll be reading it... gotta read it.
    Thanks Girl.


    1. Thanks a lot Ankita :)
      Oh Oh, Spoiler Alert :d
      Thanks hostess cheer


  2. You are absolutely right, SJay! The way in which author Amish has written his novel makes it easier for us to connect with Shiva. You have a great point there. But then again, like Ankita said, for the 19th C... I don't really know where that sits. Oh, like you, I found some descriptions unnecessarily long as well. I even drifted off a few times and had to go back on top to know where I was. :P Anyways, I'm glad you're having fun reading the book along with us and thank you so much for participating, for the great post above and for your support! Happy reading!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

    1. hahahah thanks for reading my post :)
      Looking forward for next edition

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