June 11, 2013

Reliance Digital Rendezvous


Date: 08th June 2013
Place: Reliance Digital, Times Square, Andheri East, Mumbai
For quite a long time, I was planning to walk into an electronics store. Ta da; Indiblogger came up with a super cool initiative, The Reliance Digital Experience; As if my tooth fairy had heard my wish, tee hee.

Almost instantly I logged in and was quite happy to know that a new reliance digital store had opened up in vicinity. Woo hoo. Reliance Digital @ Times Square, Andheri East and I booked a slot for 8th – to 9th June.
After reaching the store, I reached out to Miss. Manali Gupta, the store manager. She directed me to another executive who took down my name, number and email id (that’s when I figured other Indibloggers were there too ;) ). He informed that “the stuff” aka goodie bag would be dispatched by Indiblogger. He asked whether I had been given any briefing, to which I replied with a polite “No”. Obvious, I had just walked into the store duh! He asked me to browse the store on my own and so I bid him adieu.

Here are the basic factors to know more about the store, followed by the summary of my experience.

Location, Ambience: At first sight, the location and the store itself is quite cool. It’s right on the main street, easy to locate from far, thanks to the distinctive logo. The store has the same theme of white base and red/blue banners like other Reliance Counterparts. It’s quite a big store, with the first floor dedicated to Entertainment electronics and the Upper floor for Home/Personal Appliances. The ambience is calm and serene which maintains the essence to view the products on display rather than marvel on the store.

Products Range/Variety: As expected, there were ample of choices in every segment. Each segment had a dedicated line with demo pieces, device details and descriptions, current on-going offers, making a lay-man feel like the king of geeks. I also liked the Info-graphics every segment had as it gave away copious information related to the segment.

Customer Engagement: Sales executives were present in every segment, waiting for customers to ask rather than starting off on their own. This was a difference I noticed in the complete store. On one hand, I feel this reduces the customer engagement; like for example if the customer won’t ask a doubt, the executive will just smile not guide. On the other hand, some customers hate it when executives pester about a product or their views and don’t allow the customer his/her own space to judge a product. In the latter case, the store gets a notable point.

Options/Offers: Ah! This point will make you way too happy. The store had generous options/offers to choose from. And those were apart from the offers in each segment. From cash-back to easy EMI’s, finance was not an issue in this store. They also offered warranty as well as repair services with discounts! Gift-cards (a boon indeed) were available too.

Summary/My Experience: I totally wished to have received a briefing session, but I guess no one at the store could have helped me at that time. I did feel lonely at times too, because I traversed the two floors all on my own. I couldn’t click any pictures as I have a bad phone camera. I guess it hints which gadget I should buy next teehee. Amongst all, I totally loved the following:
·         Home Theatre Engagement Zone: A dedicated zone where various home theatre gadgets could be mixed and matched and demonstrated as well.
·         Play-station Zone: Another section with 2 each of Sony PS and Microsoft Xbox were mounted onto a pillar, waiting for gamers.
·         Smart TV Section: Where the characters didn’t seem to be on TV but they looked as if they were real and just next to us. The gadgets were arranged methodically and you could easily select which devices had perfect clarity.
·         How-to guides to buy AC, Camera, Mobile phone with the Geek Gyan in Lay man terms. Super Cool.
·         In-house Chef: Yes you read that right! On the upper level, one zone was occupied by around 10-15 mom’s armed with notebooks and pens. I gasped when I realized there’s a chef cooking as well as teaching them how to use various gadgets and make daily-cooking easy. This was one place where I missed my camera dearly. As a woman, I truly appreciated this idea. When I told mom about this later at home her immediate response was “When’s the next class?” It’s very easy to buy a kitchen gadget for a homemaker but getting them adapted to using it more-so efficiently is big task. Coming back to customer engagement, hats-off to this novel idea, here not only the customer is engaged but he/she wins by getting to know more aspects of his/her interest.

Overall, I am glad I spent a good 30 minutes at the store, it was totally worth it. Do check out the store next time you are around and oh, they have a cool website too.

This is me signing out, until then



  1. Seems like a Nice experience :)... You Lucy girl... what was in the goodie bag??
    Very well written. Hope you get that ipod shuffle. :)

    1. hehe thank you :)
      Didnt recieve the bag yet ;(
      hoping it will come soon!
      Thanks a lot (k)

  2. Waiting for m turn for the visit too!!!
    super excited!

  3. Hope you get your pod soon... good luck for the goodie bag first!

  4. Wonderfully written! Briefed it well keeping in mind the different parameters!

  5. Nice post!
    Photos would have made the post even more interesting. You could have at least drawn some sketches by hand and posted them. :)
    P.S. Loved these smileys.


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