June 16, 2013

That FROG over there


Rarely, some things happen that just stops our regular flow of thought (whatever it might have been) and pushes us to think of other things all together.
Something deeper than before...and sometimes these “interruptions” are kind of annoying at first.
Some body at home left the window open at night time, and as I was winding down for bed-I saw it hopping away – near the sink. Being a Zoology Major I was trying to figure out if I ought to grab it or trap it in a jar and then set it free outside, but by the time I moved close to it – it jumped (to quite a big height, considering it was just a small frog) – and it freaked me out enough to decide against doing anything about it.

Meow & Froggie

That simple encounter had my mind reeling
 “What am I doing with my life, if I was never going to man up (woman up) to such a small frog?” It’s funny how the smallest things can sometimes set off some pretty deep conversations with ME in my head.
“Where do I fit in- in this giant ball in this mind blowing-ly large Universe?” “How can I do my part here?” “When am I going to stop loafing off and start getting serious with my life?”
“What does getting serious with my life mean anyway?”

And so on and so forth. 
A lot of events in the past have led me to believe that it’s important-how I choose to do life. How I choose who I be with, what I choose to think about. And I had been wondering how exactly I was going to do this alone.
This is a quote I came across a few days after my brief encounter with Mr/Ms. Frog:

I’d have to say, it feels like I’ve been here before: this confusing place of not knowing. But it’s once again time for me to remind myself, that it’s okay to not know all the answers. We were never meant to operate that way.


P.S. I believe I saw Mr. Frog hopping away underneath a cupboard yesterday.
Oh well. ;) Be free Mr. Frog, Be Free.

Author: Jeffy Sarto
Author bio:
Jeffy loves making people feel different emotions (good emotions) when they read what she shares. She believes that God is the reason that she lives life day to day with a smile on her face, and is her comfort when she cries. Oh and she also believes in the power of hugs, and that Love can save lives!

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  1. This was different. But yes the smallest of things does make us think a lot.. and these thoughts are sometimes even refreshing


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