Excuse me, Where’s the Bathroom?

It was his first day in college. He'd been holding back for more than an hour now. When the lecture got over, he almost rushed out to find the loo.

Stopping to only ask for directions, he was there in 2 minutes. Hold on 2 minute mein Maggi banta hai but here he was on his way to make a different kinda Maggi. Ewwww

Intel Inside. He was shocked on the sticker on the door. Was this the loo or did someone just say "Made a fool of you" But he walked in and to his relief it was the loo. As he walked over to the cubicles, he noticed something written in bright red on the door of the nearest cubicle.

Iss anjuman mein aapko aana hai baar baar Dewar-o-dar ko gaur se pehchaan li jiye.

Slightly amused, he opened the door and walked in. Bending over, he lifted the lid. It said there..

Suhaag raat hai, ghunghat utha raha hoon mein.

Man there is someone really creative in this college but he's been wasting too much time getting shitty ideas in the shithouse. And then he couldn't hold it back and had to do the dooo.

Having nothing to gaze at other than the walls, his eyes began to search for more evidences of this creative crackpot. And it hit him. On the inner side of the door there was another gem

Abey itna zor field pe lagaya hota to abhi weight lifting mein India ko Olympic Medal mil gaya hota

And after having done his due, when he got up to flush, there was a small note even there.

Arey Bewakoof, Kiye Karaye Par Paani Fer Raha Hai?

Puzzled he read the next line

Abey gadhe FLUSH ka hindi Anuwaad. :D

Been there. Done that. He was out. Feeling relieved he came out and was washing his hands

Big relief eh??
You get the chain ki sans (powered by Vicks vaporub)
What about the guy who comes in after you?
What crime did he do
To smell your yesterday's pav bhaji?? (sponsored by Sardar Pav Bhaji)

Could not help smiling at the wit, he proceeded to wipe his hands on his hanky and just casually checked himself out in the mirror.

Dude, stop acting like a sissy... You wanna get made up? Go to the ladies room. (Powdered by Ponds)
The best you can do here is put your head in the commode and FLUSH (Showered by dettol)

On his way out, he checked out the inside of the door.

You wanna know why I do this??


About the Author:
Shrikant Pednekar,An occasional and temperamental writer with a great sense of humour and a weird passion for sort of comic limericks, parodies as well as an innate ability to write mindless articles which he claims to be super humorous. He also dabbles in photography claiming to be “Photographist” to the core. You can catch him on www.lifeiszany.com


  1. ROFL Shri!! It was a complete toilet humor =))...but that last line wow..punch :-b

    1. Thanks Sfurti. Glad you liked it. :)

    2. hehe indeed sfurti, that's one reason i totally loved this post

  2. Shri..........ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You don't like it?? No probs :d But who talked you into reading it. I'd already given a statutory warning. Anyways!! I'm taking that as a compliment :p


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