August 25, 2013

Hey Pinky


“JONATHAN…Get your @$$ up NOW!” a high frequency voice echoed through the kitchen.

“M UP MOM,M UP” a startled Jonathan yelled back as he dragged his legs to the bathroom squarely looking at his Soccer Ball shaped clock “SCREW…just 15 mins to 8 ShIt man I’m dead late!” He grabbed the closest clothes he could lay his hands on.
Coat – Check
Bag – Check
Phone – Check
As he sprinted to the table to grab his breakfast, a curious Jenny asked “Since when are you gay?”
“Are you GAY?” Jenny asked again maintain her annoying Puppy face
“GAY??” Mom gasped!
“No Mom, I am not GAY! I am just LATE”
“As usual” smirked Dad
“Pink Girly Overcoat, Pink Cap, Pinky Prickly shoes, Pink Earphon…”
“Bye Pops, Moms, Jens” he dashed out tucking his breakfast in his lunch bag not caring what his sister just mumbled.
“But Daddy, why is Jonathan all PINK today?” Dad let out a sigh
“Hun, why are you staring at that lunch bag?”
“Did Jonathan just take the STRAWBERRY CAKE instead of his lunch bag?  Oh CHRIST!!!”
“It does seem he did” giggled Jenny
*At School
“Johnny, My Pinky boy” Ron tussled over a huffing Jonathan
“What’s with the PINKS?” asked Jonathan
“You are PINK. Cut the Crap, Did you know the latest HYPE? Dip your EARPHONES IN COUGH SYRUP and they tune BETTER and LOUDER?” said Ron punching an amused Johnny
“Say What?” smirked Jonathan, He would never do something as stupid as that.
Pink Cough Syrups
“Pinky, Whatcha saying, you have already done it, Look at your earphones man? SO PINKY”
“Oooo” drooled a passerby. Suddenly it hit him, he recollected his sister’s tone “Pinky…this...Pinky that…Pinky ShiT, Oh no MY earphones?” As he glanced in the library window to his side, all he saw was PINK Unicorn jumping over the wall, turning his brown overcoat, teal studs, cream cap and WHITE HEADPHONES go PINK!
He dropped his lunch bag and alas a PINK CAKE popped out
“NOOOOO….” He yelled
“QUIET” Yelled back the librarian.
“So Johnny Boy, did you make a PINKY PROMISE to someone?” guffawed Ron as he and Jonathan’s other classmates’ lolled on the Pink Overflow.
“Is it Valentines?” “Are you turning GAY?” “Wardrobe PINKfunction” “Oh my god, Jon is not straight” “Bad Choice Today” voices filled the air
“NOT MY EARPHONES, My White earphones, and they are not even LOUDER, they just played NORMAL right now, did the Cough Syrup not work”
“Yea Dude, maybe they just need some more PINK accessories” smirked Ron
Pink Earphones

“Hey Jonathan, You look SWEET” “CANDYFLOSS” “So GAYLY” “bahahaha” the taunts got Jonathan mad as he sprinted to his locker to change the PINKS, amazed on how his earphones turned pink all of a sudden.
Like a hero stood Ron, as he had finally managed to pull off a prank on Jonathan by swapping his white earphones with Pink ones. He still recollected the way Jonathan said ” Some damn day Ronnie, I wanna dress up in PINK when I am not in my senses”. He giggled and texted his partner in crime to place all the PINK clothes “Thanks for the help Jen, Let’s keep this hush hush PROMISE?”
Jenny texted back “PINKY PROMISE ;)”

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