August 17, 2013

The Tower of Silence - Review


What started off as a book review by Indiblogger and Harper Collins ended up with “book-glued-to-hands” version of ME. Read on to know more.

Book: The Tower of Silence
Author: Phiroshaw Jamsetjee Chevalier ‘Chaiwala’ & Edited by Gyan Prakash
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Fiction
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Medium
Price (as printed): 299 INR
Mumbai Mirror article: By Eunice Dsouza
Indiblogger Book Review:

An engaging detective fiction which keeps you hooked quite well until the last few chapters. It requires quite a lot of concentration as the characters keep juggling and it’s important to understand who’s who. Thus this novel comes in the medium category. The story and plot are woven quite interestingly around a normal theme and that makes this book different. Overall a very good read. I rate this book 3.5/5
16th June 2013, I received a postal package directly from Collins as part of the Get Published (Book Reviews) program by Indiblogger and the former and voila what a cover!

A silky matt version; with an embossed kind text; for the title as well as the author’s name. Being a fiction lover, I was glad I chose the same over the other categories and besides I had not read any other detective fiction apart from Sherlock Holmes. I had heard of but never got a chance to know about the smarty pants, Sexton Blake. And Whoa! I was pretty impressed.

Sexton Blake, Beram (the protagonist) and all the other characters introduced are used well in the whole plot. I like the way the novel started off where the initial few chapters were SOLELY dedicated to scene setting of the main idea. I loved what followed, GOOSE CHASE. Haha.

The plot also delves into the lesser know intriguing Zoroastrian culture and this book is a treat to the souls. Straight to the point scene settings, Humour (as and when needed), relevant dialogues this book has it all.

The introduction by Gyan Prakash was the cherry on the cake. It was good to know about the revelations, the places he went to research the author and find the missing pages of the manuscript.

While I still do feel like the story is incomplete, and the end wasn’t crafted as well as the rest of the story. This point keeps me from giving an additional .5 to the rating. Apart from the end everything else is fine. Reading the book again in the rains sounds great. I recommend this book *thumbs up. Cheers

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