September 9, 2013

Love is ... an unanswered question!


I've started to think what exactly love is…

 Love!! For me, it’s getting complicated day by day and has become an unknown topic. Years back when I was a child the word fascinated me. It used to tickle my heart and give me butterflies in my stomach. I used to think it's the simplest thing in the complete universe.

Later in my teenage I was in love with the girl who I knew from my kindergarten. It was a dream world. When I said "I Love You" to her, my heart skipped a beat and I was at peace. She felt the same too. And our story started. It was as if we were 2 physical bodies but one complete soul. We felt our destiny intertwined. And then as per the law of nature, a storm devastated our dream world. It shattered our destiny into two different directions. That's when I first questioned myself "What love is exactly?” Both of us loved each other like we never did. Still all this love didn't matter, not for even a second, when we were breaking apart.

"Move On" were the words given as advice, a thing I eventually did. It was not like I had lost my belief in love. It was just that I was in a state of shock and surprise and yes of course PAIN and where I was pondering what love exactly is. In this huge world where I've seen love stories in movies and also in my real life I was on the other side it where my love story didn't have meet a happy ending. May be that is the reason for my question. Because after being true to your heart and to the person you love, having such an end was a contradiction to the things our parents teach to us. "Be true to yourself and do all the things from your heart and everything will fall in place".

So I continue my quest in search of the answer for what exactly love is!


Selfless Bio: An inquisitive blogger-cum-poet. Asks 100’s of questions, but at times he’s the one with answers as well. You may read his poems at Conviction-Verse

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