September 8, 2013



My first fiction for WriteTribe’s Festival of Words – Day 7 and the theme for the event is ‘SEVEN’
“We scanned his house, his booth and his office all we found was these 3 possible set of clues, Sir” said Asim in a crisp voice as he handed over the plastic pouch to his senior police commander, Rajveer. “Currently, Jimmy is comatose; the doctors are trying to revive. It seems his addiction took over his senses” Asim continued as both the officers walked towards the closed cabins at the police HQ.

Catching up the pace with the 2 men in uniform, Divya armed with her laptop said “This room Rajveer Sir!”
Not wasting time, Rajveer quickly strode in as Asim held the door open for his team.  Whit his white gloves on, Rajveer gently nudged the plastic pouch. He examined each clue and mentally made notes. Jimmy, the police informer had made his clues in the same manner as he used to, Newspaper clippings! As Rajveer glanced over the clues, Divya eagerly waited for orders and Asim wrote the text from the clues on the whiteboard.

Lookout peril aqua 2
abANDon 34

A curious Divya asked “Any clue Asim Sir?”
“There are 3 clues under your nose I suppose!” said a puzzled Asim as Divya bore a facepalm look. “I meant any idea about these clues” mumbled Divya. Before Asim could debate, he saw Rajveer smile a little. He knew Rajveer had figured out something.
Rajveer turned over and started out.
“Like most of our informers, Jim boy has a pattern. Whenever he mentions danger, he also writes down the number of clues he’s left for us along with grace words to direct our thoughts. The word PERIL indicates DANGER. So Divya, what do you think our clue#2 unfolds?”
Divya:”Jimmy has made 2 clues!”
Asim:”And they relate to some aqua!”
Rajveer:”Exactly. He’s asked us to scout for 2 more clues and the danger is related to Aqua. Asim, thankfully you got the same 2 clues as he has mentioned here.”
Divya:”Sir, how are you so sure that these 2 clues are the same we are looking for?”
Rajveer:”Simple! Look closely at the clues. Notice that both have one word which mean the same. QUIT and ABANDON. Striking out these two words, leave us with the actual question”
Asim struck out the words on the whiteboard.

abANDon 34

Asim:”Hmmm 34, what stands for this 34?”
Divya:”Waist size”
Asim:”Whose Jimmy’s? Ok joke apart, it could be the 34th street on Veera Desai Road”
Rajveer stood up and looked out of the window. He gently faced the whiteboard and wrote down the alphabets of the first clue.
V          E          N         O         M         N         O
“Moon” Divya exclaimed as Asim looked astonished
Rajveer rearranged the letters: MOON V  E          N
Rajveer:”Divya, what all does Moon correspond to?”
Asim:”Sir, Sir, 3+4 = SEVEN!”
Divya:”Oh yes, Sir in Greek Moon is known as Selene corresponding to the chemical element SE -> Selenium”
Rajveer:”MOONven is SEVEN, similarly he asked to Quit 7”
Asim:”What does he mean by abandon 7 or Quit 7?”
Rajveer:”What’s tomorrow’s date?”
“Now AQUA” gasped Asim.
Divya quickly started searching the internet with the words tomorrow and aqua, assisted by Asim as Rajveer pondered over what AQUA could refer to. Could the water of the city be polluted some? Bomb? Water explosion? Aqua, Water, Aqua, Water, What could it be? The clues finally made sense and Rajveer dashed out to the department head whilst he recollected the lines he heard in the morning meeting:
 “The State Federal Commission is signing a WATER pact underestimating certain facts which; if violated by other participants may to allow ZERO vigil of water boundaries leading to terror attacks from the coastal section…”


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  1. Simply brilliant. A heart pounding story from start to finish and thrilling. You kept me engaged throughout and it's a gripping tale. So well etched and a different story:)

  2. That was intriguing to the end :)

  3. SSS....Short, Sweet n Simple cheer


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