Significance of 7 in Hinduism India

Stumbled upon this thanks to my friend Anoop Sir for WriteTribe’s Festival of Words – Day 5 and the theme for the event is ‘SEVEN’

Seven cats - Meow

As I was broadly navigating through topics to write on based on the number 7 aka Seven, I brainstormed with myself on how I could set base for a plot of fiction; collected ideas from creative heads around and stumbled upon a suggestion which went like this:

“may be u can get some interesting material if u search in the ancient history of India with the significance of the no. 7...the solution for every problem we face lies in the history and ancient knowledge of India... see, our generation doesn't even have clue what is the culture of India.. What was there actually...and the saans-bahu serials are not doing any good...”

*bulb enlightened and I instantly googled for number 7 in Wikipedia hehe.
What’s interesting was how the number 7 is diligently involved in the overlooked details of hindusim. Read on,

·         There exists 7 different worlds viz:
o   The Earth ( bhu – loka) for mortals
o   Bhuvar – loka for celestial beings
o   Svarga loka – inhabited by the gods in Indra’s chamber
o   Mahar loka – world of the radiant beings
o   Jana loka – inhabited by the deities
o   Tapo loka – the world of pure souls
o   Satya loka/Brahma loka – The vaikuntha, abode of Vishnu, the world of truth

·         Seven seas as per Hindu Mythology:
kara, ksheera, sura, ghrita, rusa, dahi and jala

·         Surya, the sun god rides on a chariot yoked by seven horses each corresponding to a particular color, energy and day in the week

·         The seven sages of Hinduism, known as saptarishis played an important role in bringing the Vedas and other texts into our earthly consciousness. They are considered as the mind born sons of Brahma himself, who descended from the stars in the constellation called Ursa Major to teach the knowledge of the Vedas to human beings.

·         ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni’ 7 notes of Indian Carnatic Music

·         The number seven plays an important role in Hindu marriage which is consecrated only after the newly married couple walk seven steps together around the fire. According to tradition, once married, the marriage bond between a couple lasts for seven lives

·         The number seven appears very frequently in Hindu scriptures. The Mundaka Upanishad refers seven tongues (sapta jivhas) or seven flames of Agni, which are kali (black), karali (fierce), manojava (swift as mind), sulohita (red as iron), sudhumravarna (smoke-colored), visharuch-devi (universally pleasing) and sphulingini (cracking). They are depicted as the seven hands in the iconography of Agni and probably correspond to the seven dhatus (saptadhatus) of the human body and seven energies that awaken during our spiritual practice.

P.S. Did you note, I used only 7 bullets above ;)


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  1. Thanks for sharing this - very interesting and enlightening. Your post is featured on my day 6 post. love the kitty cats.

  2. Ah! One part of this appears in my tomorrow's post - believe me it was written 5 days back :)

    Btw, the 7 islands is also a part of Hinduism from where I picked my blog name Jambudweepam :)

    1. hehe hi5 Sir, we have topics in common.
      I hope my next two articles will be different meow :)
      Oh wow, that's a nice inspiration! Your blog's name does seem aristocratic!

  3. Not only in Hindu mythology, but even in other religion 7 is considered a holy and complete number. Kudos on the research, but I don't think you have heard the last of "our generation doesn't even have clue what is the culture of India.", irrespective of the research you do.
    Check us out at

    1. Thanks for compliment,
      but i got confused on the latter part of your comment :p
      Could you explain please?

  4. Seven is indeed a great number...It's also the day I was born! :)


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