September 8, 2013

Simple Easy to do Eye Make up - Corporate Fashionista


Women nowadays tend to struggle in finding the appropriate makeup to wear at work. The wide variety of eye makeup products out in the market makes it even harder to decide. The goal: standing out, making a good impact, and looking put-together at the same time in a corporate environment.
This “impact” may sometimes be perceived as a need to pack more products in the eyes than what is really needed. The aftermath: shocked colleagues. Thus, sporting a smokey eye in the workplace is definitely a no-no. It’s too sultry and seductive, besides the fact that it may come off as not having the time to remove last night’s party makeup. Fret not - there shouldn’t be that much thinking involved.

My #1 tip: stay away from both dark and bright colors. Avoid glitters and sparkles as the main eyelid color (as much as possible), but do add a little hint of shine ONLY to brighten your eyes.

So what eye products and looks will work best for the corporate environment?

Image courtesy of Facebook Online Shop: Stuff In Style (Coastal Scents Palette)

Stay matte and neutral.

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This palette contains a good mix of shades. Try not to use much of the shimmering ones on the right side.

I use this earth tone palette everyday to work.

And my eyes would normally look like this when you see me in the office.

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For those who can’t stay away from the beauty of smokey eyes: stick to taupes, browns, and greys. They can still give you that extra oomph without the unwanted shock.

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If you’re tired of your usual look, play around by sporting a subtle winged eye.

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Too subtle? Then fan the eyeliner out a little more.

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Sport a combination of smokey neutrals and subtle winged eye perhaps?

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Or maybe just keep it simple by focusing more on your eyelashes and lips.

Makeup can definitely propel your corporate status, but it doesn’t have to be too noticeable. Remember, less is much more.

Summer Ramirez,
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