October 1, 2013

Being Moon on 31st Crossroad - Review


Book: Being Moon on 31st Crossroad
Author: Praveen P Gopinath
Publisher: Self Publication (1st Edition)
Genre: Autobiography/Motivational
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy
Price (as printed): 160 INR
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A 31 year old's whirlwind of life events, how situations molded him, his take on various present situations as per his experience and his tryst with destiny. All cut short and to the point in his 160 page book. I like the positivity of the book and how it shows that a person can evolve once they are ready to take the right perspective on life’s experiences. Short, but fun read.
I rate this book 4/5

15th June 2013, around tea time the door bell rang.
Being moon on 31st Crossroad
“ek-shey-shaat rupaye VPP Post” (160 Rs. VPP Post) said the Postman in pure Marathi accent. I was glad to receive it on the weekend. I explored the book a bit and quickly pinged the author (My friend) confirming that I received his book finally.

Though my hectic schedule didn’t allow me to concentrate on the book until 24th August 2013, once I started the book, I couldn’t keep it down. I read, re-read and still had the giggles and thoughts. Thank you, Praveen, for sharing a part of your life.

As I know Praveen personally, I read the book in his voice (added with the fast forward MALLU accent tee hee). Scribbling pencil notes, marking statements as TWEETS, I realized that the blank pages might fill up like in the movie “Life of Pi” *bleh.

The First Page and the Summary at the end are lovely. Every person should read it.
First Page

Last Page summary
Coming to the main context, the book in itself is very positive and encouraging. The chapters are short and to the point. Every chapter has a “MORAL” (Every page has a TWEET ;)). Praveen explains his points via his experiences, talks, the words he used, his attitude, his mistakes even in normal day-to-day scenarios. It connects well with the reader through the easy presentation and the readers can visualize themselves in the author’s position in most of the cases. Most of the chapters had me giggling and some had me in tears too (esp. chapter 16). And mind you, it takes a hell lot of tact to portray negativity/negative words and still keep the reader up in a good mood.

This book also teaches the reader many things like having the ability to say “NO”, respecting your loved ones, Over/Under estimating situations, Getting over things you didn’t want to happen et cetera.

I also like the idea of narrating an autobiography as it completes the “STORY” waala feeling. I also noticed that stories in the “Diary Excerpts” Section mostly ended with <3 aka hearts hehe. I found that rather cute.

One of Mumbai’s major publishing houses has taken “Being Moon” under its wings. 
*Drum rolls and expect the book (added with more chapters) to reach the stores soon.

After reading this book, I really want to start writing my Diary Again :)

Till then,


  1. Very well written! :)
    The snapshot of the 1st page makes me wanna check it out soon & your review assures it's a good read.:)

  2. very good information about the book ....since one week i was thinking to buy this book...............right now i m going to order it.....


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