November 30, 2013




I have guts to make decisions

They may be tough and harsh,

But they are mine to make

No matter what may come

I will stand by them,

Cause those were my decisions, my babies!


Authored by: Fairy Princess aka Pankti Mehta
She says: “I write. I don’t know what I write. Those writings are pieces of me, important to me. I hope you enjoy them too.”
She blogs at:

Snuffles Note: “Featuring one of my lovely blogosphere friend’s mini creation as a “December Special”. I am honored to have Pankti contribute to my blog. Thank you so so much. Lots of Love <3 <3 <3. Meow”
High jump gone wrong meow


  1. Yes indeed! Great spirit! May we all have the sense to make the right decisions & courage to stand by them :)

  2. Beautiful poem, Indeed our decisions are ours to make I agree whole heatedly

    Pages off Life

  3. lovely lines and meaningful too :)


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