November 30, 2013

The Stab

Authored by: Rio De La Sciocco
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“Having Rio, write for me as a part of “December Specials” has been a wonderful feeling. Read on to witness another horrible incident, which compels everyone to give a second thought for their actions as other stories of rapes, revenge, rage/violence make headlines”
Smooth Criminal
This is a true saga, and fresh, just a day old. This event had hit the print media too, though this happened in a small village and I will not name it, as the persons involved may not like being dragged in it.

A small shop owner opens his shop in the morning and awaits customers. A man enters inebriated, draws out a knife, and stabs the ill fated man with a knife and tries to flee but is caught by passersby, beaten badly and handed over to the police.

This stabbed person in critical condition fights for life at a hospital. This man is married over 10 years and has kids too.

The stabber when flogged and asked for the reason behind the stabbing by the police, narrated his saga. "I had loved a girl since my childhood and this man married the girl of my dreams. I had thrown my life to the mercy of liquor and whilst burning for revenge since last 10 years, to build up courage, this ill fared day I mustered up all the wits to put an end to the person behind talking away my beloved from me."

Now, in this saga, what can one deduce?

As prudent and knowledgeable men and women, pour in your views on the matter as comments.

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  1. I love watching Mahabharat. In one episode, Krishna says "Many times life dishes out injustice and we start working to rectify that injustice. However, in the process, many times we end up doing injustice to others." I think this sentence is very apt in this situation.


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