December 30, 2013

Mama's Clean Love


Clean Shave is called CLEAN for a reason!” Mom was preaching from the living room.
Sorry Mom” I replied in a low voice as she continued,
You would have looked so nice in the family photo you know. You look 3 SHADES DARKER than usual...” Jeez how does my complexion look dark just because I didn’t shave! And I would have looked so baby face child like eww…

Shave or No Shave?

And then I would have to bear the taunts from family and aunts forever. “Aww Sunny Boy you look so cute/so sweet/Young boy”. Who wants to look sweet???Duh, I wanna look like a man, chivalrous and charming! Moms! I know my clean shaven look bowled her over. Always. She would have a lovely smile when she saw me right after a shave.
 “…Since how many days have you not shaved?”
“4 I suppose…”
“That explains why you itch your stubble every 5 mins…”
“Maaaaa….” I giggled as I lay on the sofa she had just tidied up.
You are itching because your stubble is a breeding ground for bacteria. Your dead skin cells are still there, promoting acne in the region as well. Why do you think astringents come with antiseptics?”
I laughed lightly as I replied “To get attentions from girls…”
 They include antiseptics to prevent infection, be it from cuts or germs and not to the attentions of girls!”
Hehe” I wondered how moms get all the Wikipedia kinda things as I ran my razor through my chin. I cleaned up in a jiffy and applied my favorite cologne scented aftershave. I walked to mom, she was still muttering something, and I hugged her and said
See I shaved now, we have the best smart phones and we could click pictures anytime, ok? Happy Now?

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