December 25, 2013

My 2 minute crush


As I stepped onto the AC Bus, I walked upto the empty window seat and adjusted myself to my latest addiction, Lateral Thinking by Edward De Bono.
While going through few examples, I ran my fingers on my face and was glad I had shaved that day. Only I know how I hate that unclean stubble. Shaving clean made me feel more confident and classy especially when I wear my formals to office, like today. As I smirked at the thought, another smile’s reflection in the mirror caught my attention.

A lovely lass sat across my seat reading a book. Her beautiful pink lips and the posture had me wondering what she might be reading! As I tried to gauge the name of the book, I realized it was one of the books most popular books today. Though the book belonged to a famous trilogy, I decided to ask a question.

Confidence – Check
Clothes – Check
Attitude – Check

Whoa I am good to go! I sat upright, closed my book, leaned a bit forward and said “Hi, Could you please tell me who the Author is?”
She smiled. For a few moments, I skipped a beat. Such a mesmerizing smile she had, I got butterflies in my stomach and all I could do was admire her!

In a sweeter voice she replied “Its Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi”.

I nodded with a smile saying “Thank you”

She looked at me for a second and I noticed her Hazel Eyes. Wow! I stole that look, all for myself. And I got the name too!

Thank goodness, I had shaved off my unclean stubble today!

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  1. nice take meow . liked it. :) thanks for the tag btw. already having few more tags pending. so i will try to write but not sure. :( check out my posts too :p
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