December 1, 2013


Before you read my post, I’d like to thank Snuffles or fondly, Meow for letting me do this blog post. She’s someone I met through the IndiBlogger forum. Although we rarely get a chance to connect, one thing I know for sure is that she’s a sweetheart and a lovely writer. Now it’s been a while since I’ve written, and when she asked me if I was willing to do a guest post, I thought to myself… Stop cribbing and blaming it on the Writer’s Block syndrome.. Just pick up the pen and write, coz that’s what you love. And here I am..

Well if you like what you read or if there is a critic or even any simple suggestion, you can visit me at my humble abode- A Walk Across The Bridge. 

Happy Reading :)


If you are stuck in a loop
Going over and over the same string of incidents
If you can't imagine how things could have become
If you're sad and ashamed and ashamed of being both
Take a walk to the sea shore.

Sit on the soft sand and let the sun rays make your pupils constrict
When your eyes become slits, through the slim window of dazzling light watch the waves shimmer
Then shift your focus to the game of cricket set on this backdrop of floating jewels
Listen to the cheering against that unmistakable sound of water splashing against more water
Watch the waves caress the beach; Inching forward slowly, steadily
Indulge in the dynamics of their relationship as the birds fly home

Come here to drown. 
Come here to remember that there is beauty all the time, even in the things that didn't work out. 
Come here for perspective.

Take a look at the larger whole you are a tiny part of 
So that you don't let the size of your ego make you forget the ability to trust, to be honest.
To be vulnerable. 
To truly feel.
To express love nakedly.

Become inwardly naked as the colours fill the sky in celebration of this party nature has arranged for you.
Take off the layers of guilt, shame, regret or whatever else that is pushing you down.
When you're appropriately dressed for this party, your body will tune in to the harmony that is all around. 
The breeze will dance with you, slowly.
All you have to say, is yes.

The End
Snuffles Note:
“Didn’t you just love what you read above? Having Confused Soul a part of “December Specials” is magical. Her writing is a charm which sweeps readers off their feet. Thank you so so much. Glad that I managed to get you out of your Writer’s Block *dances around you. Lots of Love. *wink”

Isn't a cat's YES adorable?


  1. Wonderfully written Ms. Writer :)
    You truly took me to the beach..

    1. Thank you so much!
      Really appreciate it :)


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