December 18, 2013



To all those lovely friends and moron geeks who pester me with questions like:
How’s your tablet? Performance accha hai kya? Does the camera have flash? Video call try kia? etc etc.

*Drum rolls *Trumpet
Presenting…..Tableeeeeeeettttt….venturessssszzzz !!!

Hehe, So I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, from July 2013 and I have had quite a lot of adventures i.e. Tabletventures and Tablet-mis-adventures too, lol!

Being a small little thing all of 5 feet, with tiny-tiny hands and bigger-than-my-face, deepika-padukone-YJHDMovie-type geeky glasses, my 7-inch tabby (aka my tablet) looks like a disaster in my hands! My boss often quips that I could hide my face behind it to escape :/ :P Meow

 I often feel that tablets aren’t for girls. At least mine requires to have a good grip else it might just slip off and at times I just can’t operate it single-handedly.

Here’s where I feel the Lenovo Yoga Tablet could be an awesome boon. With the different modes, I could simply place it on a flat surface and ta-daaa! *Victory dance. And another bang-on point would be, it’s easier to grip Yoga, thanks to its “Cylindrical End”. A #BetterWay isn’t it!
Lenovo Yoga Tablet Kickstand Source:Google
Coming back to tabby, the call functionality is a wonderful add-on; though calling is not at all comfortable for me x_x. Tiny hands? Remember? Thus tiny ears too!

Also, as I am already a Smartphone user, I end up expecting the tablet to have easy access to the phone features e.g.: Contacts, Last Dialled, Speed Dial, Quick SMS etc. But that’s not the case; it took me quite some time to adapt the tablet as I was already acquainted with my Smartphone. The interface is more like that of a PC (Tablet PC na after all!)

With a smartphone you can still manage with a 2G internet but with a Tablet? NO CHANCE!
You MUST have a 3G Internet Connection to enjoy the best of your tablet, otherwise it makes you feel so WASTED :D (Believe me, I tried :D *guffaws)

Battery, one of the most important aspects of a gadget (and the most asked question too!) is weak in my case. The weak battery is a bit disappointing, especially if I have forgotten to charge. One charge and you can use the tablet for upto 10hrs continuous, post that its quite uneasy to handle the tablet and the alert tune rings like the tablet has caught fire. (Wasting even the thoda-sa charge that remains in the tablet)

Here’s another #BetterWay where the Lenovo Yoga Tablet has a FUPERB  (Fantabulous + Superb) advantage. 18 hours, whoa that’s really really awesome. *Screams with joy. Basically the secret lies in the mysterious “Cylindrical End”. Oh yes, it does! Here’s a quote from the official website:
Yoga Tablet's unique, cylinder-shaped side chamber allows more room for battery storage — and more time between charges.”
Now that’s what I call a blessing in disguise.

And oh the tiny tiny me haz one more Big issuez ya know! Like the tiny jeans pockets : / Forget Tablets, they don’t event accommodate 4” ka phone. (Girls, skinny fit jeans sigh :/). Thus, a cover for the gadget or a bodyguard (friend hehe) is an ESSENTIAL.

And then frankly speaking, the camera quality (both front and rear) is the most disappointing feature in my tabby. The front camera is too blurry for video calls and color contrasts don’t match much. The clarity of pictures is (surprisingly for a Samsung) very inferior. I guess that’s because initially Tablets weren’t meant to be for photos and all :/ *bleh
( Y you no think that TECHNOLOGY is ADVANCING along with the PEOPLE ?? )
Otherwise, it’s quite apt for any minimal tab user.

Ah, there I went again!
Finally here’s one more reason to choose a Yoga tablet, another #BetterWay.
The Yoga Table is power packed with HD camera features for CRISP and CLEAR pictures, chats et al. Thus, enticing today’s “Picture-friendly” era towards itself. That’s quite a good bonus.
Easy Grip, isn't it? Source:Google
 Ideally, a Tablet PC (as of today) MUST have:
1. High battery backup - Close to a DAY!
2. Good quality camera (both front and rear) - How bout 3mpx and 8mpx?
3. Good Memory Utilities (processor, RAM & storage) - Quad core, 2GB RAM and 32+GB storage

4. Comfortable User Design - Light weight, Elegant Look, Uniqueness from other tablets
5. Last but not the least, a GOOD Screen - not just in terms of clarity and density but also in terms of TOUCH Sensitivity

A distinct design, Chic look, Jaw-dropping features, Class Audio and Video, Good Camera
Added with an EPIC Battery Life,
Why look anywhere else :) ?!!!                                                     

Lenovo Yoga it is!


Whoa, I have the perfect TAB Face lol!


  1. LOL..I can imagine you hiding behind the tab. :D Best of luck!

  2. hehe..yeah i shall click a pic and show you :D lol
    Thank you :*

  3. Ha Ha.. Loved it Meow! Good luck for the contest!

  4. Enjoyed reading it.. :)
    n yeah... U face size must be less then 7" hehehe... :P

  5. Thanks a lot Selfless :D lol yes it is

  6. Nice write up. So you are the minimal tab user?? Using it only for playing Hide and Seek :P All the best for the contest.. not sure which one it is :P

    1. Hehe thank you Siri..yes absolutely I am a MINIMAL TABLET User :P


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