January 11, 2014

Recharge and Rejuvenate


Scene 1:
Bestie:”Girl, lets meet up in 15, M at the station, come asap..”
Me:”15??? DAMN??? I need to clean up love, I aint no wonder woman”

Bestie:”Your gorgeous the way you are, messy and cute, LOL”

--20 Mins late
Bestie:”You look dead, have you not slept for days??No pics with you today”
Me:”Told you!! L” *Drops Jaw

Scene 2:
Boss: *Ping Lets have a discussion for task A right away
Me: *Panic Pangs Oh Oh I haven’t researched well yet, Sounds BAD, OMG What do I Do???? *FacePalm

Scene 3:
Hangout with BFF
BFF:”Did you see the movie TANGLED?”
Me:”Yea Y?”
BFF: “You know MESSY is a look”
Me:”Yea…and that’s what I am carrying”
BFF:”Bahahaha *ROFL, You are not MESSY, you are MESSED UP LOL”
Me: *Puppy Eyes
BFF:”Take a selfie and see for yourself”

My Bad unruly Hair

Dry Hair, just like the dry tree

The "Hide Behind Tab" Bad hair day

Scene Today:
I feel so dull, Damn I have been feeling low all this while, I look like a dead fish, shit my finances are turning low, My works gone boring, No ideas for writing too, People taking me lightly, Sigh, I hate my life.

Scanty…. Bahahaha….Tangled…. Shiny….Dandruff…. Rejoice…. Split Ends…. Picture?NO!!!…. Healthy….Rough….DEAD FISH….Dry…. Will you marry me? ….Dirty…. Broke….Bad Hair Days…. Congratulations….WTF…. MESSED UP…. Smooth & Soft…. TIMID

Pulling Hair


“Baby, Go wash your hair, you will feel fresh” Mom echoed from the kitchen.

Whilst in the shower, I was reflecting on my thoughts…

Shower and Universe
Maybe I need to change my job, Write a new post? Hmmm. I could get a CA onboard for my finance….I need a DONUT…Maybe I need a HAIR SPA…Sigh
Maybe I need a recharge…
A recharge… to my life…maybe I need to be…

That’s right…when was the last time I did something for myself? Maybe I need a vacation or a sweet, but it has to be for ME, All me,


Mom’s right… (As usual!)…I need to take care of myself and thus my hair, all the recent comments, reviews about me have been because of my unruly hair! Lemme think of when I had some lovely hair days? Jeez I can’t even remember that… I want to look naturally beautiful…

Nourished, thick and strong…
As beautiful as a Song…
It’s something I DESERVE…
A thing every woman preserves…
Energetic, Bouncy and full of care…
Abundant and Replenished, my long Hair…

Love Actually

No more tight messy buns or plain ponytails…
There ain’t gonna be BAD HAIR DAYS…
Confidence and Good to go situations will welcome me now!
It’s my Happy Realization Moment…
*Gosh I have been waiting for this moment since the bad start of my New Year 2014…
I need to LOOK GOOD..TO FEEL GOOD and all this can happen when I
Recharge myself…Recharge my Hair!!

Good Hair…Here I come…
*Dials 4247 2213 (HAIR CARE)

This is a real post,
I have been seriously low since 2014 due to the same issues mentioned above,
I am very thankful to Indiblogger and Sunsilk for this opportunity!
Thank you guys!

….Happy Hair Day….


Toast to Good Ol' Hair Days



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