February 22, 2014

Dove Bathing Bar – Review & Guessing game


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Err.. the smooth get going ;)
Hehe, Lemme explain…

As I opted to review the Dove Bathing Bar, little did I know, it would leave me with satin soft skin and a happy victim of random “googly-woogly-wush”.

Here’s a look at the Dove Kit.

Dove Bathing Bar
The #DoveFaceTest was meant to be done at home with friends over catching up on stuff and snacks. Being employed full time, I am out of the house all day, so it was decided, I HAVE to TEST it when I am outside.

Ping… “Twari:Long time no see Juhu Beach..what say?
           Abhi: I am in..meet me at Andheri Station in 30 ;) :*

Think of the...Besties & their ping is here :D What better location to test my kit anyway, Yay!

So we bundled out of our houses and met at Juhu Beach. We are the 3 Musketeers of our own: Abhi (The Ace), Twari (The Princess) and Me (The Cat).
That's abhi & twari
 As the evening sun caught our nerves, we delved into the gola (ice candy) we deserved!

 We reminisced our past fun and relived few moments under the sun,
Fun at home

Gradutation, Birthdays, Fun et all

We stalked some guys and shared some gossip and dug our teeth in Kwality Walls Feast,

As abhi never got tired of clicking our pics, we definitely had some constant hics !
As the sun went down and the sky turned brown, my skin turned oily and I did frown.

A quick face wash was the advice heeded; with Dove in my hands, I had everything I needed! The innocent fragrance of Dove and my super soft cheeks, turned out to be the playground for my geeks! They pulled my cheeks until I was down on my knees, after many a time-please I was finally at ease! Finally, we bid a bye to the sun and left the beach after some awesome fun!

Verdict: The Dove Bar was really efficient. Even in the tough winter that Mumbai faced, I did not have to use much Skin care lotions as a daily dose of Dove added the much needed Love. My skin stayed soft and glowing upto 7 hrs straight. The mild fragrance was lovely as usual.  This is one soap my mom always recommends. Hope you had fun reading my experience.

Special thanks to Abhi, The Ace Photographer for the candid shots, tremendous patience and super fun!


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