March 2, 2014

Cleanliness drove me to start a HopeProject


Before I start, let me ask you a few questions:
How many times have you defecated in the nature? How many public toilets have been to which are totally spick and span & free of bad odour? Or rather felt helpless when there’s no loo around? How about finding a toilet and you see it’s full and unflushed?
Well though I live in the prime financial capital, Mumbai; I have faced UNFLUSHED TOILETS very often. From malls to educational institutes, from restaurants to public transport options, I have often come across a totally unhealthy toilet. And believe me it’s so YUCK! My goal to attain a relief for answering nature’s call turns into a nightmarish puke! I hate it but often there’s nothing I can do, except pouring water!

Malls and Restaurants thrive in the city, but dimly lit toilets, with the everlasting fragrance of shit, often make me wonder, do we actually live in a metro?

Though I have never actually defecated in the open but even the thought of it makes me go bonkers! An open defecation section is nevertheless a breeding ground for bacteria, what if I catch a bacterial infection? What if some random insect bites me? How will I ensure to clean my privates with leaves & stones? What if some peeping tom catches a glimpse of my Assets o_O o_O o_O ???? Ewww :/ :|

And if I am under Menstruation??!! Good Grief! -_-

That’s why I strongly believe, every individual has the right to sanitation. Toilets are a necessity in every household. And when I came across Navaneetha & Group, all mere agricultural workers in tamil nadu; striving to build toilets at their place, I joined them in their #HopeProject to #LendHappiness.

Why I chose Milaap?
Now you may say, eh another donation blog post! Not until you read how functions! Milaap is trusted, easy, and for WOMEN. Here’s the infographic how #HopeProject works and it had me in all smiles when I came to know of their wise idea.
Incredibly easy & wise #HopeProject #LendHappiness
Choose -> Lend -> Get Repaid -> Relend :)
So ultimately, you lend ONCE, and then you can re-lend the same amount to another project and so on. Isn’t this inspired from the word RECYCLE :) ?!! The recycle-idea creates a win-win situation for all the parties and thus I was game for it.

I lent an amount to the group and I am incredibly happy about it. More than the amount I lent some happiness, that’s why the tag #LendHappiness.

What about you :) ? Wanna #LendHappiness ?
Go ahead; Click here

Thank you for your time and for lending a minute,

Join me in the #HopeProject Venture and #LendHappiness :)

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