June 2, 2014

TRESemmagic goes on


Enter to read the spell cast by TRESemmè

Just about a year ago, a neat and petite TRESemmè had cast its TRESemmagic and turned my boring hairdos to “Ramp Ready Hair”.

And now when the tried-and-tested methods for fighting the gory Split-Ends Monster failed; here’s my knight in Shining Armor:

TRESemmè Split Remedy Solution
 *Drum Rolls

The one stop err… Shampoo + Conditioner Solution to Split-Ends. Whoopie!

So how was it?
I received the TRESemmè Split Remedy (Shampoo + Conditioner) samples cutely bundled in a shiny black cloth bag. And I must say the solution is really impressive. Powered with Amino Vitamins, the Split Rescue solution leaves your hair feeling shiny as well as silky smooth, thus reducing the damage caused by day to day life. It also has a mild berry like fragrance, which lingers on upto some time post hair wash. I recommend it for daily use. Especially in the summer, the season of Split-Ends!

Here's a look at the ad:

Impressive, how do I know more?
TRESemmè has an impressive range of solutions. For the secret sauce and detailed products check out http://www.tresemmeindia.com/

Ok, What Next?
Ah, now that my Split-ends are at bay, I opt for the exclusive “Red Carpet Ready” hairstyles on the TRESemmè India Youtube channel. Daniel Bauer, shares his quick tips and steps for the latest Red Carpet Hairdos! Who said Red Carpet Styles are for Celebrity Divas only! Not seen them yet? Here’s a link to my most favorite look: The Faux Front Bob. It’s short, quick and super doper easy.

And last but not the least; TRESemmè weaved its TRESemmagic and shoed away the Split-Ends Monster *Kaboom
I got:
·         Silky Smooth hair
·         Upto 90% reduced split ends
·         Confidence to leave my hair open, not fearing damage!

Pretty Me in a Selfie

Well as my damage is taken care of, I am pretty happy and confident to enjoy my time and my Hair, Thank you, TRESemmè!


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  1. This is actually incredible. I offered this product to my sister and recorded her feedback. This product seems good and thanks for this amazing review


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