July 31, 2014

My Dream destination gone easy with SkyScanner – Here I come Dubai

To travel is to live a dream, but to plan the travel is a nightmare

Amore Mio
Decades have passed by, but a South Indians love affair with the Gulf still remains the same! Given a chance to hop on to a dream trip, the first location my mind screams of is – DUBAI
The best time to visit Dubai is in the winters, which fall in between November to March. And maybe I could get a leave near Diwali.

But when can I get the best deal? Which airline booking site should I refer to? Who will give me the best rates? Oh Jeez there are so many of them, I don’t have the time to scour each and every site! Is there an easier option?

How many times have you dropped your travel plans on not getting the best bus/flight/train/hotel deals?
#ANSWER: MANYYYYYYY countless times :/ *Bucket of tears

Ah ha yes, how did I forget there’s SkyScanner *Dances with joy

What’s SkyScanner?

SkyScanner, a global organization is in the travel business since about the last 10 years (The decade that tourism & travel has boomed). A travel wizard, SkyScanner compares over 1000 airlines & online agents to bring you the best flight/hotels/cars/buses deals for FREE
*No Convenience Fee charged: D

Recommended by The Independent, The Guardian, Which? Travel, BBC Radio 1 and more; SkyScanner comes with a powerful a Flexi Search feature which means you can browse prices across a long time range for example: a whole month/year.

 What’s more, SkyScanner stays upbeat about the latest travel trends and posts them every week at http://www.skyscanner.co.in/news/

My SkyScanner Dubai Hike Blueprint

My budget for the trip stands at 1Lakh INR. Now that I am checking out the all-in-one SkyScanner, my first step is using the Flexi search and figuring out the cheapest price to travel. Choosing the option of flexible dates for a whole month, I zeroed in on November with a go-to date for 11th November i.e. a Tuesday and fly back home on the weekend 16th November. (right on time for my birthday *wink)

I really like the visual presentation here where without hovering on a specific date I can figure out a price range already. On hover I get the intricate flight details as well. Choosing the appropriate dates and time for the flight, I picked the morning flight to fly out and an evening one to come down. Though I saw cheaper rates for 1+ stop flights, I prefer direct flights.

My current selection was highlighted with Tripsta, but I had heard quite a lot about Airtickets so I jumped on “Or book with:” option in the details section. *Feeling glad I finally clicked on the petite green “Select” button. What followed was a landing page acknowledging my selection and…
My travel dates preselected along with the same flight. That means I do not have to  re-do the select flight/date/time etc and I could directly proceed to payment. *Shout out “WAY TO GO BRO”

Around Rs. 14018 are whisked for the flight. Time to book a hotel. Oh, wait a minute…

Whoa, as I come back to the SkyScanner Flight selection page I get this suggestion and oh yes I am looking for a hotel duh!

The hotel’s list is a comprehensive one. Again SkyScanner had my travel dates preset. *Yay. With hotels rated on price, service and many other parameters, I found various choices including this one, the cheapest in the High Rating lot. Believe me I drooled on this one!

Nevertheless I was looking something to be close to one of my must-visit destinations the “Ski World” and #BAZINGA here its is…

So now 14018 + 60799 =74817. Hotel booked, flights booked. How do I commute? P.S. Remember the suggestion back on SkyScanner Page ;)

Oh yes, I love SUV’s I totally drool over them and what’s better when I get them in my budget :D yay A Volvo XC60 suits me good. So as I clicked the select button, I was whisked to the partner website.

Guess what I found there :D *Yay An Audi A3 *drool 

All set with the bookings, 5 days and there’s so much to do… 
My Duba-i-tenary

1. Ski World  - Brrrrrr I get the chills already
2. Madinat Jumeirah – Oh yea baby
3. Burj Khalifa – Must See, Must Do
4. Wild Wadi Water Park – *day dreams
5. Dessert Safari – With belly dancing session ofcourse ;) Masallah Masallaaaah….
6. Mosques – Numerous mosques to soak in their beauty and culture
7. Souks – Bring out the foodie in me
8. Dubai Mall – Women = Shopping
9. Aquariums & Global Village
10. Last but not the least – The Palms >_< wow

Considered as one of the safest cities in the world, Dubai is also one of the most popular WEEKEND destinations, even exceeding Paris

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