August 3, 2014

#WhatTheBlack – Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Debut


Diamond ring, Gaza, Hungarian Dragon, Mind Games, Laughing Buddha, Bournville, Black Label Whiskey, Hair Dye, Black Kinder Joy (duh seriously?)Black cat (Bagheera), Black Coconut Roots, BLACK BOURBON, Pebbles, Perfume, Poster Phewwwww
From a plethora of suggestions and 3 days of guessing, 2nd August 0.00 AM the mystery revealed, #WhatTheBlack was the new Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal with Charcoal infused 17x Slimmer bristles to revolutionize our mornings!

What’s #WhatTheBlack?
Day 1:

*Tring Tring – Daddy Calling
“Yes Dad, I just reached office…”
“You have received a Black Box, What’s in it?”
“What Box?”
“A Black Box, What’s in it? Who sent it? Tell me now” *Sounding angry
“I dunno Dad, I shall come home and check”

A petite cute box, and a black egg, What The… This is Sparrtaaaaa

Yes a black chocolate egg(edible) was delivered to my door and we were asked to guess #WhatTheBlack was going on, Why was the egg black? I and my social media teams put our thinking caps on and pondered over endless possibilities…

Day 2:
*Tring Tring – Daddy Calling
“Yes Da…”
*Cuts my hi and starts off “ Honey, it’s a Black newspaper today. It looks really cool and is special too, Come home soon :)”
*giggles” What’s special dad, its full black is it?”
“Yes full black, You come :)”

A full black newspaper really looked awesome and what was special? It was blank inside :D

Black Egg, Black Newspaper? Our thinking caps scoured on new ideas…Gaza Attack? Carbon Footprint, Black Revolution, Awareness on racism, Pollution?

Day 3:
*Tring Tring – Daddy Calling
*Cuts off again “Honey, a black tissue paper & a black paper cup, Could it be Black Tea”
*He’s in the guessing game too :D
“Maybe Dad :D”

Questions from other sources:
“Hey, Whats the Black you were posting on facebook?”
“What’s that egg thing you posted about?”
“Tell me more about the #WhatTheBlack posts you have been sharing, is it something new?”

By Day3 the news spread like wild fire, everyone on the social media was trying to figure out What The Black. Pings, Whatsapp, FB, Twitter requests and guesses were pouring in.

Our excitement new no bounds, we were all glued for the clock to strike 12 :D
And when it did, we let out a gasp looking at the stunning black masterpiece in front of us and wow I was so glad that I was about to receive it too :D. The egg, newspaper & paper cup all pointed to the morning, and what's an essential part of the mornings?  Toothbrush.

How was it?

As the day dawned, I eagerly waited for the latest mystery black box. Though no longer a mystery, the excitement was gripping. Every doorbell ring had me running to the door.

Finally it arrived in bubble wrap like a charming prince,

A slim brush with a black base, I loved the design it had a different class altogether

Here's a comparison with the Colgate Ortho Brush. Slimmer than the original brushes, the bristles were full black with grey tips

At 3.30 PM I instantly tried out the uber cool toothbrush and I was amazed with the quality. Though thin, the bristles didn’t go flat on my teeth like other soft brushes, they stayed firm. As the brush was slim, it reached the corners of my mouth well. And no there was no charcoal taste in my mouth :D LOL
I was pretty happy using the product and recommend it for all those who use Soft Bristles toothbrush. Go for it.

Officially a part of #WhatTheBlack, an activity by BlogAdda

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