September 1, 2014

Baramulla Bomber - Svastik Trilogy Review


Book: Baramulla Bomber
Series: Svastik Trilogy
Author: Clark Prasad
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Medium
Price (as printed): 395 INR

What I initially assumed to be a long read, it actually turned out much quicker once the pace got rolling and man I totally loved it.

A gripping tale involving every guy’s dream subjects: World class cricket, badass politics, military aspects, Physics :P, determined women et all. A steady pace and the first part of the Svastik Trilogy; Baramulla Bomber doesn’t disappoint at all. I rate this book a heavy 4.5/5 for all the chutzpah and simple but difficult-to-decipher plotline.

Baramulla Bomber

Baramulla Bomber is set in the present day, thus making an instant connect with the readers. With cricket, physics and politics being the key drivers; the heroes and sub –ordinates are introduced mildly, with everyone having a strong impact on the plotline.

The plot is big, arranged with chronologies and the initial scene setting takes well ahead of 25 pages but then the story demands it.  There’s a DESI Hero and a DESI-er Dame and oh not to forget the inter religion Love bonding them eternally.  There’s quite a lot of country hopping and culture doping done. And the Guardians group gives a “Priory of Sion” like feeling; mysterious yet having the power to change the world.

SPOILER: India is managed by young, witty and handsome ministers, that’s a total dream come true moment for our nation! Music is used to kill O.o sounds fatal isn’t it?

The plot nosedives into various details including Kashmir, Military, Physics theories, and Political issues and much more thus uncovering the amount of research the author has done and yet does not manage to get boring at any point. Kudos for the effort!

I like the way, the book’s title is justified within the story and a lot is revealed to the reader as the storyline progress, thus in a way the reader feels involved. I also like the epilogue which is really helpful. I suggest you read the epilogue first.

As for the author, this is one marvelous piece to start with. The shaping of characters, the dense plotline and the immense research is totally wow. Wishing him all the luck for his future ventures and if he’s listening then “Hey, I eagerly look forward to Dwitiya (Part 2)!”

Till then…


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