September 17, 2014

GameOfBlogs – The Escape – Chapter 6


     GameOfBlogs – The Escape – Chapter 6

Team – FrontRunners


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“Hurry, I don’t wanna miss today’s episode. Barbie in Amazonas” dressed in the petite uniform with two neat ponytails, Roohi sprinted across the school ground towards her school gate.

She could see her car a little ahead as she dashed out faster and faster pushing other children out of the way and making way for her and her friend Riddhi. Though a top-notch school, their recent renovation work had left the ground too shabby with all the technical instruments lying around and children making way through it almost daily. Bricks, Mortar and Sand were often dodged by the hasty little ones.  Surprisingly there were no danger signs to alert the children of the possible hazards. Either ways, who would read them, they thought!

A short patch of slimy grey stood in the middle of Roohi and the temporary sand hill. Her plan was to jump over the slime, landing on the hill and sliding down to the gate which was just next to it.

“Lets go from the normal lobby Roohi…Roooohiii” Riddhi screamed out to Roohi and passing by the Cement Mixer. The mixer’s sound made sure that Roohi didn’t hear what Riddhi said.

Pop, she jumped above the slime and then… instead of landing ahead of the patch; she landed right on the slippery wet cement patch, slipping and loosing balance she crashed onto the 100 odd bamboos left haphazardly, and she let out an eerie shriek.

As the bamboos fell over the little child, there was nothing any one could do to save her. She lay motionless, bleeding from the head as the bamboos were strewn around and the school peons came running.
She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t and so she tried to hear. All she could hear was commotion and chaos and then the sound of the ambulance and then it all drained off.

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