October 18, 2014

Chaos down under Book review Chaos trilogy


Book: Chaos Down Under
Series: ChaosTrilogy
Author: Nishant Kaushik
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Genre: Fiction/Humour
Level (Easy/Medium/Hard): Easy
Price (as printed): 295 INR

As I got hold of “Chaos down under” little did I know that I would ending up chuckling at every page turn.

A humorous sequel takes the protagonist Nakul through various ups and downs (downs mostly) of an employed-life. With the matrimonial juggles and twists of fate he emerges to win the lost battles and still tugs on to life. A genuine slow pace, simple tone and language, this book is a complete time-pass. I rate this book a 3/5 for the simple yet funny story compelling the reader to keep reading!


Chaos down under is the sequel to Romance under chaos from the Chaos trilogy. The story picks up from where it ended last time with the protagonist, Nakul Kapoor rewinding his stint at Bytesphere and his weird love equation with his colleague Mehek.

A weird situation and a goof up from his own HR department gets Nakul in a tight position to manage a tough client who is almost on the verge of going away with no team in sight. Nakul manages to get a team onboard but it comprises of the choicest characters in all over Bytesphere. As fate had it, a vamp is added in his team who messes the up love equation with Mehek and Nakul is stuck with his tryst of destiny. Nakul and his team fly onsite only to get deeper in the chaos. With a dysfunctional team, Nakul still manages to tread through, grabbing the opportunity to bounce back at the grave moment and emerges victorious with the client. At the end he is also able to propose Mehek and gets to know that she will take some time to get ready.
Chaos Down Under - Nishant Kaushik
A clumsy HR-cum-support staff, a miser management, Bluto like client and the super long tiring work conditions; this book captures the true picture of every IT professional. I liked the subtle and true-to-life situations in the story which had me chuckling throughout the whole book. Including the nosy neighbour who further complicates Nakul’s life. And the onsite situations and culture differences which ultimately put only Nakul under threat. I also liked the climax where it was logical and not too filmy. And last but not the least the “meeting with parents” situation was very logical and sounded more like a true story.

The story has a genuine and slow pace which I think suits the plot given the humour and twists. Though I didn’t read the first part, the second part was easy to understand and has the potential to standout as an independent book too.

The writing style of the author is casual. Keeping the storyline and the average age of the reader audience for this book in mind, the language and tone is apt; as it makes the reader feel the story belongs to their age group.

At times the story was a little draggy and I felt the pace could be better but overall it’s a good and rather quick read. Looking forward to the last installment,

Till then…


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