October 19, 2014

Frankly Speaking - Health is Wealth


It was a Wednesday and she stay put on the bed clueless about the time that passed by.

All of 24 (Yes, she is still my darling, my little one!), she was so enthusiastic about her friend’s wedding in the next week and today I don’t even know whether she can make it to the wedding healthy!

On that fateful Sunday morning her head spinned and she complained of acidity. Being a weekend, no doctors were around and we gave her home remedies and simple light food but to no avail. By night her condition worsened and she topped a fever of 102.

I don’t really know what made her sick because all she had was, home cooked food and random weekend chores at home. She didn’t even step out with her friends this time. Yet, she was down with a condition unknown to the doctor.

As Monday dawned, she woke up sleepy eyed with a blocked nose that fought her sleep away. Nevertheless we took the morning appointment and she informed her senior about not keeping well. One more day off, he complained and asked her to get well soon for tomorrow’s important meeting. Gosh, are all the bosses insane? And then started the guessing game! Food Poisoning, Normal flu, Malaria, Dengue, the doctor just kept giving options. And medicines!  “Maybe it’s Viral Fever” he concluded as my little darling kept eating those long tablets and antibiotics.

Monday passed by as she slept all day with effect of those medicines. But the fever still came knocking every 6 hours. Tuesday was worse as she started coughing and sneezing and then wheezing. Attempts to reach the doctor on phone turned futile and then she complained of tasteless food. What else should I cook then? I had to give her plain and light food. She nudged and hugged and craved for the yummiest as I thrust the plain dal-khichdi down her throat.

By Wednesday our daily routine had changed to checking her fever, coordinating home chores and doctor calls and cooking special food for her apart from dad’s tiffin. Whatsoever happened to the normal working week schedules, sigh! The house was dull with no TV or computer and the windows stay shut as the sun lit our house disturbing her rest.  And the bed stayed the way it was since Sunday. Pale and meek she looked frustrated. Of course she lost 3 working days and tomorrow looked like another leave too. And then she had wanted to go on her friend’s wedding next week which again meant taking holiday. Tired of the guilt, she stay put again wondering what next.

I guess the whole week ahead, she was tired. She missed her food breaks but coped it up with brunches and sninners (snacks & dinners). She mentioned that her concentration wasn’t upto the mark and for the first time she missed deadlines at work. Her senior criticized on her lack of punctuality and conciseness in work. And so on and on she went during the dinner talks. I hugged her lightly and said, once you eat and sleep well you will feel fresh and you can start afresh, everyone knows what a start you can be! She smiled gently. Today her face is so swollen of the sneezing and wheezing that I can’t even see her smile.

Wedding shopping, discovering new dishes, random evening walks with dad, neighbor’s son’s etc. birthday everything had gone for a toss this week. Of course my darling’s health was to be cared for. But it disturbed the mental peace of the house to quite an extent.

Frankly speaking, health is wealth. I guess she’s learning it the hard way but so it is. Maybe she shouldn’t have missed her lunch/dinner timelines. What’s the harm in having fruit juice? Maybe she should get some exercise too. Maybe…

This is a preview of thoughts my mom had observed for me when I was down with a different kind of viral fever for a full week. Yes, Thursday morning gave me a ray of hope when I woke up way better. With a controlled diet and a little bit of exercise I was fine by Friday and on Monday I was back to work. Written for Dabur & Indiblogger with the theme – A healthy child makes a healthy home. https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/

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