October 20, 2014

My 9-to-5 miracle - Garnier BB Cream


When I looked at my face post lunch I hated it, until I found my savior!

An oily skin, humid climate and the never ending pollution made my skin look dull, uneven and boring every day be it any cream(s) I used.

I was stuck with that weird combination of creams which made me look just “okay” the whole day and some wore out easily in 30 minutes flat. Sunscreen, good grief! And if I was late to work, I would definitely miss one of those combination creams and look unkempt all day. I mean come on, I am a working woman. I needed to look nice every minute. It keeps the “neat & petite” factor up. Besides, who likes to work with a nerd?

When I initially got hold of it, I was quite skeptical. How could one single cream possible wipe out a combination of minimum 2 to maximum 4 creams? Is it achievable? Is it so easy that other companies are simply fleecing us with the various creams? Of course today a customer is spoilt for choice.

A blessing in disguise I must say. A single cream which made me look:
·         Brighter
·         Glowy
·         Moisturized
·         Unified (on skin tone)
Garnier BB Cream - Skin Swatch (Notice the bright portion below wrist)

And man it lasts long too! It stays all through the day. It has a very mild and lovely fragrance which makes me feel automatically nice. Now I know why aroma therapies work LOL! The texture of the cream is nice and thick, which makes it easy to apply as well. It naturally blends with the skin complimenting your shade. It also suits every skin type be it oily, dry, normal or even sensitive.

One of the best parts is that it combines the Moisturizer + Sunscreen (SPF 24 to be precise) + Daily skin cream perfectly. I need to apply just one cream and I am done. And then though it moisturizes the skin, it isn’t oily, instead it makes the skin smooth giving a flawless finish. Available in sizes, the pack is handy to carry in bag too. Given the fact that it replaces other creams, it comes in a budget pricing range of Rs. 119 (18g).
Garnier BB Cream
The website quotes:

“Garnier BB Cream is a new generation of skin care. It combines multiple beauty routine steps in one and hence saves time.

It is enriched with active natural ingredients like active essence of cherries, combined with bilberry extract which helps firm skin and ginger which helps boost the natural process of skin’s regeneration.”
Ah so there lies the secret, it’s made naturally too. The Vitamin C plays a key role for skin. Nevertheless I was glad to find it and yes it wins the award for the “Daily All-in-1 Cream”.

An honest review written for Indiblogger & Garnier BB Cream.



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