October 26, 2014

Scribbling my heart away - Matrikas Paper Products


Scribbling my heart away - Video Review for Matrikas Paper Products

Here’s presenting a quick video review of 4 different books by Matrikas Paper Products. Read on for more details.

A product brought to you by SFA Print Group; Matrikas Paper Products (www.matrikas.co.in). With an idea to unleash the writer’s creativity, Matrikas has an impressive lineup of books in different styles exquisitely designed not just for writing but also to be show cased.

Every book is crafted with finesse with fine thick quality paper making the owner feel exquisite and special. I tested a few different kinds of pens on the paper and I was really impressed. The fine quality of paper makes it easy for the pen to glide over reducing blots and retaining the ink color without spilling onto the next page. I have seen very less books with so much emphasis on the owner/writer. I guess tides are here to turn and Matrikas is taking the step to turn them. With a book so good, I would definitely scribble my heart away.

Let’s dig into the detailed features of each of the 4 books I reviewed in the video.

1. Antique Journal 
  Size – A5                    Color – Maroon                    M.R.P – Rs. 360
Antique Journal - Matrikas Paper Products

The journal is apt to be a personal diary. It’s handy and has various sections apart from the personal memoranda & data i.e. the detailed index page, action plan pages, quirky to-do lists (books to be read, works to be accomplished, places to be visited) contacts pages and last but not the least an expenses summary. It’s hard bound and also sports a satin page marker.

2. Cube Works – Ring Book 
Size – A5                    Color – Green                       M.R.P – Rs. 110
Cube Works Ring Book - Matrikas Paper Products

The cube works ring book is a no-nonsense book with data pages in all. A sturdy book spiral bound apt for office/to-the-point use and is available in various shades.

3. Mother Teresa Journal
Size – Standard                   Color – Blue              M.R.P – Rs. 215
Mother Teresa Journal- Matrikas Paper Products

A personality based theme journal, it includes the quirky pages along with a sleek monthly planner which makes this quite good as an office journal. The book carries lots of personalization also including a short biography on the personality (in my case Mother Teresa) and every page has a quote by the said personality. The book is hard bound, comes with a satin page marker and a velvet feel cover. Other personalities include: Sai Baba, Vivekananda, Chanakya, Ambedkar & Gandhiji

4. Toss & Turn - Ludo
Size – A4                    Theme – Ludo                      M.R.P – Rs. 277
Toss & Turn- Matrikas Paper Products

A 6-subject long book apt for school and college students. The size reminds me of my college days carrying long boring journals which comprised of only white pages. It has color folders/tabs to divide the subject sections and comes in various themes. The theme has visual representations with its detailed history to involve the owner in some enchanting details. Other themes include: Snake & Ladder

Matrikas has released diaries for 2015. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/MatrikasPaperProducts

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  1. Lovely review in a very sweet voice! Very useful points!


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