October 5, 2014

#WordUp - Indimeet by Indiblogger and BigRock


Surfing through the web and logging on to Indiblogger, a daily ritual of sorts; included checking the home page. The next thing I knew was reading “You have registered successfully!” flash on my screen and my grin knew no bounds!

A shiny looking Indimeet promo organized by Bigrock on 20th September with a collage of the finest Indian bloggers in scene, that was all I needed to know to register.
#WordUp Indimeet Promo

Listen. Learn. Express. This was the motto of the meet and believe me, the motto stood true in every aspect. Sacrificing a weekend morning, 9AM to be precise was very easy considering the fact that this was an educational meet. LOL.

Moving back to the information section, I passed through a packed agenda and an impressive speaker-bio post which every ounce of my body thanked me for clicking the “register now” button. This was one meet in Mumbai whose seats were full way before the event was advertised via email. ROFL. Bloggers around were vying for the seats to be increased (and yes it did!) or someone to deregister.

On the morning of 20th September I hogged some mini breakfast and rushed to catch the train, I couldn’t waste a minute. At the venue every blogger was welcomed with a shiny name tag and a backpack of goodies. What followed was never thought of. Indiblogger & Bigrock had a rock band up for us and the performance was amazing.

The first session was addressed by Vinit Goenka, a BJP Senior, who emphasized on how the chunk of bloggers had increased and how social media was influencing the political circle and how information is being easily accessible via the internet and the world wide web.

The second session was by Amit Agarwal better known as Labnol. Yes that tech guy who is not just a senior blogger but a tech guru of sorts. He spoke on how he started off and how we can improvise our blogging skills.

The third session had us blown away from our seats. Anshul Tewari from YouthKiAwaaz.com came up with his blog’s journey from a normal journalism blog to a mouthpiece of the Indian Youth. He also catered to how we can promote our blogs in the ever increasing space of social media and how we can create master blogs. This session was by far my favourite.

The fourth session was a live chat organized by none other than video blogger Lakshmi Rebecca where she interviewed Sunit Singh for us which was followed by a French cuisine lunch.

The fifth session was on Monetization by Varun Krishnan who started off his blog as a search for the best mobile phone ever! He emphasized on how gadgets and sponsors could turn out to be money churners for our blogs. His experience from a simple south Indian nerd to the CEO of Fonearena was worthwhile to listen.

The sixth session was by Shree Krishna the founder of the satirical UnRealTimes.com who explained how legal aspects play a role when we blog about intense & sensitive topics.

The seventh session was all about a self made fashion blogger, Scherezade Shroff who rose up the social media with her day-today fashion videos. She explained how a person with a stable attitude towards blogging and content promotion can reach the heights in the blogosphere.

The eight session by Snigdha Manchanda on Creative Writing had us spell bounded. With a girly accent and an enthusiasm for tea, Snigdha walked us through the various paths for story writing and taught us how to guide our writing into the correct channels for a perfect story.

The ninth session was a stand-up comedy organized to lighten up everyone from the serious study-mode we had got into. Bhavish Ailani had us rofl on his quick wit humour.

And last but not the least, Renie Ravin the mastermind from the Indiblogger Team spoke about the blogging philosophy and Indiblogger as the tenth session.

The twitter contests, 1-10 and the lucky draw kept all of us engaged throughout the packed session. Nevertheless it was a day err weekend well spent.

Listen – The experiences - Of the Bloggers

Learn – Acquire the tips & tricks - For the Bloggers

Express – Respond to the call - By the Bloggers

We winded up by 5.30 recollecting various facts and figures and loads of selfies with special credits to Indiblogger and Bigrock, for the awesome line-up and the worthwhile experience. Thank you!

Onomatopoeically Meow!

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